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Chili Cook Off Ribbon

Product [#20978]

Chili Cook Off Ribbon

When you think of a champion pot of chili, one imagines a quintessential blue ribbon attached to the pot. Available in First, Second and Third Place, our Chili Cook Off Ribbon is the perfect award to pin on the tastiest entry! We also feature a purple 'Special Award' for other categories, such as People's Choice, Hottest, etc. Each ribbon features a solid colored rosette with a gold flaming chili pot picture. Three streamers hang from the rosette, with the center streamer featuring gold writing. The ribbon includes a small string for hanging. These awards can be further customized with by attaching our Chili Category Ribbons. Colors: Blue: Chili Cook Off / First Place; Red: Chili Cook Off / Second Place; White: Chili Cook Off / Third Place; Purple: Chili Cook Off / Special Award

*Note: Since the production time for this item is longer than our regular production time, the production time for the order will be extended to 3 business days.

Price: $4.95

Product Details
General Engraving
  • Classification: Sports
  • Group: Chili, Cooking
  • Category: Gifts, Medals
  • Material: Ribbon
  • Manufacturing Time: 3 Days
    Dimensions Other
    • Weight: 0.2