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Black Simulated Wood Trophy Base

Product [#20899]

Black Simulated Wood Trophy Base

This Simulated Wood Trophy Base is a classy base for you to fashion your own custom trophy. Your choice of engraved black brass or aluminum plates. And with five sizes to choose from, this elegant and customizable base offers flexibility and can be customized for any occasion.

  • Note: for side plate engraving, search for product 7170. The cost of this service is $5 per year with a $10 minimum.

  • *Note: Since the production time for this item is longer than our regular production time, the production time for the order will be extended to 3 business days.

    Metal color:
    Price: $14.70

    Product Details
    General Engraving
    • Classification: Both
    • Group: Gifts
    • Category: Other
    • Material: Simulated Wood
    • Gender: None
    • Manufacturing Time: 3 Days
    • Technique: Diamond Tip Engraved
    • Material: Black Brass
    • Engraving Color: Gold
    • Size: 1.5"x2.25", 2"x2.75", 2.5"x3.5", 3"x4.375"
    • Engraving Lines: 5
    Dimensions Other
    • Height: Small: 2.25", Med: 2.75", Large: 3.25", XL: 3.75"XXL 4.25"
    • Weight: Depends on Size
    • Width: Small: 4.5", Med: 5", Large: 6.5", XL: 7" XXL 7.75"