Are You Looking for Trophy Alternatives?

    The kids on your sports team have been working hard all season and deserve some recognition!  If you’re looking for a way to say ‘great job’ without awarding a participation trophy, you’re not alone.

    If your kids are older and have already covered their room with trophies, here are some great trophy alternatives.

    Popular Alternatives to Trophies

    Acrylic cubes:  With options for baseball, softball, football and basketball, display a game ball with pride. Or buy a baseball for every player on the team and let them sign their names at your end of season party.  We can engrave a personalized plate to put on the acrylic cube with the player's name, team name and year.

    Ball Stands:  Another option for footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and basketballs are ball stands.  Made of solid walnut, these stands include engraving below. For baseballs and softballs, these bronze gloves are great for holding the ball.

    Personalized Baseball Bats for the players on your team.

    Personalized Baseball Bats:  We laser engrave your player’s name, team name and year onto a small wooden bat.  One of our most popular gifts, the kids on your team will love them!

    Medals or Dog Tags:  Kids love these because they can wear them or display with a key ring.  They make great zipper pulls for gear bags and backpacks.

    Bag Tags - create customized full color bag tags for your team!  Great for travel or for gear bags.

    Water Bottles:  We did these last year for my daughter’s team and they were a hit. We just had a soccer ball and their first names engraved on them.  No year.  They are really getting a workout.

    Coins & Pins: Trading coins and pins is extremely popular at tournaments and other events.  Create special order products unique to your event to pass out to participants or to trade with other teams.

    Logowear:  T-shirts and other logo wear are always a popular alternative to trophies.  Get cool gear to wear to show off your team!

    Gear Bags - Everyone needs a place to shove all of their stuff.  Team gear bags are a great way to show your pride and a useful way to keep track of all of your player's equipment.

    Presentation Matters

    Even if you aren't awarding trophies to your team, make sure to put some meaning behind your gift.  Don’t just hand them out without praise.  When presenting a small token of the season, make sure to talk about each player's dedication, hard work and never quit attitude. Be sure to mention something different yet specific for each player.

    On my daughter’s soccer team, the coach will start by saying, “This player was a real hard worker. She came to every practice and game ready to give it her all.  Her defensive moves …”  By this time the whole team is guessing who it is and screaming the girl's name.  This way she’s being recognized by the coach AND her teammates at the same time.  Visit my post Making Sports Trophies Meaningful for even more tips.

    Whether you’re getting trophies, medals or some alternative recognition, enjoy the end of your season!

    Cheers! Jessica

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