Award Ceremony Tips

    • What is a Plaque Award?

      What is a plaque award?  In the recognition world, there are two main definitions of what a plaque is:

      An example of a small engraved plaque, also called a plate.

      Plaque:  A small etched plaque, usually made of medal, but can also be made of plastic or cast bronze.  These plaques are small in size, usually just a few inches, and attached to an object, such as a frame, piece of artwork, bench, eagle scout project, industrial panel, etc.  Also known as an engraved plate.  These small plaques commemorate a special project, name an artist, explain an artifact, etc.

      Plaque:  A larger engraved wall plaque that is a type of recognition award.  Wall plaques are most often made of wood (but can also be made of glass and acrylic, a plastic polymer) and contain a special customized message inscribed on the plaque.  The text and often times organization logo is either etched directly into the wood or on another medium, such as a brass or aluminum plate, which is then attached to the wood.  This is a traditional corporate recognition award that can be hung on a wall and admired for years to come.

      An example of a perpetual wall plaque with a header plate and smaller plates for names.

      Perpetual Plaque:  Another type of wall plaque, this plaque contains a larger plate at the top (called a Header Plate) which lists the name of the award and often times organization name.  Below are smaller individual plates, often times called perpetual plates, that can list winner's names and dates.  This award is perpetual, meaning that you can add to it over time.  It makes a great way to showcase your businesses "employee of the month" winners, for example.

      To see all plaques at Trophies2Go, view our Plaque category, including engraved plates, wall plaques, and perpetual plaques.



    • Super Bowl Party Ideas

      Less than a week until the biggest football day of the year - SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Want to enjoy the game, the ads, and the half-time show with friends and family? Then throw a party with a contest!

      Football and competition go hand-in-hand and a Superbowl party is the perfect opportunity to share football, food, drinks, and a little friendly competition.

      Superbowl Sunday Competitions

      Cheering the Hawks on to victory!

      Football Pool.  Have party attendees buy squares and then assign numbers to the squares for the score after each of the quarters and the end of the game.

      Prop Bet.  Who will win the coin toss?  Which team will score first?  Will Gronk do an end-zone dance?  These are all fun things you can bet on that only require luck!

      Chili Cook-off. Have your family and friends bring their chili in a crock pot for blind tasting. Read my past blog on how to host a chili cook off. Don't forget the prizes, such as chili medals, blue ribbons and chili cookoff trophies for your winners!

      Fantasy Football Awards.  Superbowl Sunday is the perfect day to award you fantasy football league winner and haze your league loser. Bring your perpetual fantasy football trophy to pass to the champ and an engraved toilet trophy for the league loser.

      Other Ideas to Make the Game Festive

      A sweet stadium made of snacks, get the idea on Pinterest!

      Cute Decorations.  Decorate in your favorite team's colors and include one of our Championship Trophies, that looks like a Lombardi trophy, for your table centerpiece. This could go home with the big winner of your Football Pool.

      Snacks: Chips and salsa, guacamole, nachos, cheese or bean dip, garlic bread, and cornbread all go great with chili. Cut up veggies with ranch or even a salad balance out the other junk so at least your guests get a little something healthy.  Check out our Pinterest page for great game day snack ideas!

      Dessert: I personally like cookies, brownies, cupcakes - things you can eat with your hands, to keep dishes at a minimum.

      Full Color Bomb Trophy For someone who blows up the game, award our popular bomb trophy!

      Drinks: Beer, lots of it. Conserve fridge space and have a cooler with ice for the beer.

      Awards:  To add some laughs at the party, I’d recommend one of our funnier trophies. Two of my favorites are The Golden Throne and The Bomb Trophy .

      The Superbowl is a great excuse to get together with family and friends, and hosting a competition is sure to bring an unique twist to your party. But no matter what, Superbowl Sunday is all about hanging out with family and friends and enjoying the best commercials of the year!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Business Lessons...What Cyber Monday Taught Me

      Yesterday at the end of the day, I wrote my blog on Corporate Gifts, as scheduled on my social media calendar.  I wrote the draft, let is simmer and percolate overnight, like I usually do.  But then as I was getting ready for bed, inspiration hit.  What I REALLY want to write about this week is business, and in particular what Cyber Monday has taught me.


      Now that we are officially an eCommerce company, no more showroom, it's time to do cyberspace marketing, no?  Well Cyber Monday wasn't even on my radar. But one day I was browsing the Awards and Personalization Association forum (that's our trophy trade group), and I read a thread about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  A competitor, also an eCommerce awards company, shared how his sales spiked last year on Cyber Monday.  It got my wheels turning that we should try a Cyber Monday promotion this year.  I shared the idea with my business partner Tom and we decided to go for it.

      I put together a quickly crafted email campaign for my customers, just letting them know about our sale.  I sent the emails out of Sunday and then the next day on Cyber Monday.

      The Results?  Pretty good.  It was a busy day, we had 25% more sales than the same day the previous year.  Our Google conversion rate was up over 6%.  Pages per visit were also up, people hung around the site longer than usual.  However, because of the discount, the average order amount was slightly lower than the previous year.

      My Take Aways

      1. 1. People like good deals and they will convert if you have a promotion.
      2. 2. Customers also convert when a promotion is short-term and they know it will go away.
      3. 3. Its nice to get on the bandwagon with a nation-wide promotion, this saves marketing dollars since everyone already knows about it.
      4. 4. Some marketing ideas are flops, but once an awhile they are good.  Its fun when they work out well and make money.  It's always a gamble but it's good to try new things because they could pay off.

      In a nutshell, those are my business lessons from Cyber Monday.  Thank you to all the customers who ordered from Trophies2Go.  And a special shout out to my developers Ben and Duncan who speedily made my website promotional banner on the fly Sunday night.

      Did your business try a holiday promotion?  How did it work out for you?  Share it in the comments!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts and Awards

      Award the hero in your life this awesome bad-ass trophy!

      October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is awesome because not only is it giving awareness to a great cause, but also my favorite color is everywhere – PINK! It’s fun to see the pro players in pink and our local athletes, both boys and girls, with pink socks and jerseys. Even my daughter Audrey’s cheer squad has pink pom poms and bows to participate.

      Even though getting in the spirit of awareness is fun, it’s also a life or death cause that deserves serious attention. Cancer has touched my life with my mother, mother-in-law, aunt and grandmother-in-law. Luckily my MIL was able to catch her breast cancer early for a full recovery, we are very lucky and blessed!

      If your organization is hosting a fundraiser, an event, or some other occasion for Breast Cancer Awareness, consider one of our personalized PINK products as a prize or participation give-away. We just added a new Cancer Awareness Gifts category which includes many pink personalized gifts, such as pink clipboards and pink tumblers, pink custom glitter medals, and even a Cancer Superhero Trophy for celebrating a survivor or top fundraiser!  Award someone special who is kicking Cancer's butt!

      There’s no other way to say it - cancer totally sucks, so let’s find a cure!

      Cheers! Jessica






    • Trophies2Go is Moving!

      We are excited to announce that we are now serving our customers 100% online!  We have decided to close our retail awards showroom in Issaquah; we want to cut our costs and pass those savings onto you!

      Our retail awards showroom in Issaquah will close on June 30th, 2017.


      Email Trophies2Go Continue to order via email, online or phone just as before!

      We want to keep YOU as our customer!  Hopefully we can make this transition as easy as possible for you.


      Email your order to

      Place your order online at

      Call us at 1-877-926-4700.


      We will continue to offer FREE pickup at our Renton Production Facility.

      We offer quick 1-Day shipping, FREE for orders over $50.

      For larger leagues or corporate events, we can deliver.

      NOTE: you can continue to pick up at our Issaquah location through the spring sports season and the end of the 2016-2017 school year.


      Bonnie and Jeff Bonnie and Jeff circa 1994!

      Since 1987, Issaquah Trophy & Awards served the awards needs of the greater Issaquah community. Read our story here.

      In 2000, we launched our internet brand, which has been delivering meaningful recognition across the USA.

      Even though we no longer offer a showroom, you can still expect the same quick production times, exceptional quality and outstanding service!

      Browse our Trophies2Go website and let us help you recognize someone special in your life now! Our goal is to make you look good, with a cherished award that stands the test of time! Don't waste your time, order online!!!

      Thank you for your continued patronage through this transition!

      Cheers!  Jessica

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