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Fantasy Football Perpetual Runningback Trophies

Product [#6251]

Fantasy Football Perpetual Runningback Trophies

These Fantasy Football Perpetual Runningback Trophies are designed to adorn your FFL memorabilia shelf for years. Your league name and information will be engraved on the front side of the wood base, the remaining 3 are for each year's winner (each side can fit 6-8 years). The top is a resin runningback figure finished to resemble a cast bronze statue. Create a solid and memorable legacy for your league with these handsome Fantasy Football Perpetual Runningback Trophies.

  • Note: to include an engraving on the side plate with this trophy, you need to also purchase product 7170.

  • *To reduce the chance of damage during shipping, this award comes in two pieces with strong epoxy glue and instructions for easy assembly.

    Assembly Tutorial and Video
    How To Get Your Engraving Done Next Year

    Price: $53.50

    Product Details
    General Engraving
    • Classification: Sports
    • Group: Football, Fantasy Sports
    • Category: Trophies, Resin Trophies
    • Material: Simulated Wood, Resin
    • Gender: Male
    • Technique: Laser Engraved, Diamond Tip Engraved
    • Material: Black Brass
    • Engraving Color: Gold
    • Size: 3.5"x5.75"
    • Engraving Lines: 5
    Dimensions Other
    • Height: 13"
    • Width: 7"
    • Weight: 7.40 lbs.