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    • Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl

      Turkey Bowl!

      Now that Halloween is all wrapped up, it's time to look forward to the next big holiday, THANKSGIVING!  And when thinking about Thanksgiving, you can't help but think about FOOTBALL! They go together and you can’t have one without the other IMO!

      If football is a Thanksgiving tradition in your family, you can enjoy it two ways:  Watching or Playing.

      Watching:  Gather with family and friends, feeling grateful for all of your blessings, then eat until your pants won’t button.   Then after the feast, pass out on the couch watching the epic NFL football battles on TV.  Let the tryptophan do it’s magic!

      Playing:  Actually move your body with a walk or activity.  Participate in a local Turkey Trot, such as the one in my community of Issaquah, WA.  Or gather your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers to host a Turkey Bowl!  Play a competitive game of tackle or touch football on Thanksgiving Day or over the long Thanksgiving weekend to counteract that delicious gluttonous Thanksgiving meal.

      Turkey Bowl Plans

      So how do you put together a Turkey Bowl game?  Here are some ideas to think about when planning.

      Party:  Most people keep their Turkey Bowl competition low-key, as the whole Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Holiday kick off is party enough for that weekend each year.  But if you decide to create a party a great website to get ideas for invitations, decorations, and themes is Party411.

      Food:  Play BEFORE eating Thanksgiving dinner – the exercise will work up an appetite, earlier in the day means light and warmer temperatures, and your stomach won’t be totally stuffed, making your players sleepy blobs!  However DO be sure to bring plenty of water to keep your “athletes” well hydrated.

      Location: Local schools, a nearby large field, or a neighborhood park all make great locations for your football game.  Make sure to know the boundaries of the “field” so there aren’t arguments later about what’s in bounds and what’s out.

      The Ultimate Turkey Bowl competition, white meat vs. dark meat!

      Annual Turkey Bowl Trophy:  Your turkey bowl trophy can really be anything unique to your family, just add an engraved plate to customize it.  Some great options include:

      -    Turkey trophies – both a traditional turkey and a goofy turkey

      -    Turkey bowl plaques that can be printed in full color

      -    Our exclusive Turkey Bowl Championship Trophy.  One past customer had turkeys printed on the plate of their football trophy, it was super cute!

      If part of your Thanksgiving tradition already includes a turkey bowl, tell us about it in the comment!  Or if you want to start a turkey bowl, give it a try!  And don’t forget the turkey trophy!  Happy Thanksgiving, we have so much to be grateful for!

      Cheers, Jessica

      Editor's Note: This post was originally published November 2017,  It has been updated for content.



    • Halloween Prizes for Games

      Hosting a Halloween Contest or Game?  Find ideas for the best Halloween Prizes for Adults and Kids here!  In all price ranges, you can find a treat everyone will love, no trick!

      Best Costume Medal Personalize these Best Costume Medals for the winners of your costume contest!

      Costume Contest: For "Best Costume", our Halloween trophies make the perfect prize! Popular choices include the Hand Painted Witch Halloween Trophy Or Mummy Trophy. For multiple categories and winners, personalized Halloween Best Costume Medals can be designed specifically for your event!

      Zombie Run: If your community is hosting a Zombie Walk, Zombie Run, or Flash Mob "Thriller" Dance event, our Painted Zombie Trophy will impress the ghouls at your un-dead event!  Hand painted, homemade clothes, and spilling brains, your zombie apocalypse will never be the same!

      Pumpkin Carving Contest:  For the best Jack-O-Lantern in the pumpkin patch, award our most popular (and darling) Pumpkin Halloween Trophy!  These trophies are best sellers and will impress all of your carvers!  For runners up, consider our Pumpkin Medals, engraved with the contest name and place.

      pumpkin_scarecrow_trophy Our new Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Trophy makes a fun harvest party prize!

      Fall Carnival Prizes: For inexpensive prizes for your church or school carnival, consider halloween themed pencils, erasers, or stickers!  These make great trick-or-treat goodies, dentist-approved!  For something a little more special, our hand-painted Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow Trophy will delight everyone at your fall event!

      Halloween Decorating Contest:  A Halloween Plaque for the best decorated office will bring props from your team!  Personalize it with your office name, year and logo!

      At Trophies2Go, we have the most unique Halloween Prizes you won't find anywhere else!  All personalization is included for FREE, we want to make your Halloween Party the event of the year with awesome Halloween Prizes and Halloween Awards for your spookiest winners!

      Have a happy and safe Halloween!



    • Guide to Colors for First, Second and Third Place

      This blog post was requested by a customer. She couldn't find anywhere on our website how to choose the corresponding colors for First, Second and Third place. What a great topic and suggestion!

      When ordering awards, it's important to know the traditional colors for the places. Use the guide below for the correct colors for the US; Canada is slightly different.

      Neck drape and medal colors for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Neck drape and medal colors for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

      First Place: Gold and blue are the colors that represent 1st place. Gold medals are given to the top finishers at the Olympics and this carries over to the rest of the awards world. Blue ribbons, blue neck drapes, and blue column are also used to represent first place. Think of the quintessential cook off, where the top contestant gets a "Blue Ribbon"!

      Second Place: Silver and red symbolize 2nd place. These finishers get a silver medal, as well as red ribbons and neck drapes as a second place prize.

      Third Place: Bronze and white stand for 3rd place. Bronze medals are given to third place finishers along with white neck drapes and white ribbons.

      Fourth Place: There isn't a metal color for 4th place. For ribbons, it's yellow.

      Fifth Place: Again, no metal color for 5th place, but the ribbon color is green.

      Ribbon colors for places. Ribbon colors for places.

      Here's a table to help remember:

      Place Medal Color Ribbon Color
      1st Gold Blue
      2nd Silver Red
      3rd Bronze White
      4th x Yellow
      5th x Green


      I hope this helps with ordering from Trophies2Go!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or other blog topics you'd like covered about trophies and awards by commenting below.

      Cheers! Jessica

      Editor's Note: This post was originally published March 2016,  It has been updated for content.

    • Top 10 Teacher Quotes

      In honor of the end of school, enjoy our Top 10 Teacher Quotes!  Thank a special teacher today!

      Crystal Apple Award Our Crystal Apple Award makes a great canvas for a special teacher quote!

      1. If teachers were apples, I'd pick YOU!

      2. To teach a child is to touch the world.

      3. To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students, you are a hero.

      4. It takes a big heart to shape little minds.

      5. Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever.

      6. Teachers change the world, one child at a time.

      7. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

      8. It is not so much what is poured into a student but what is planted by the teacher that really counts.

      9. Teaching is a work of heart.

      10.  Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.

      Honor a special teacher who has made a difference now!!!!



    • Coach Plaque Sayings

      If it’s difficult to think of coach plaque wording, let Trophies2Go help!

      You want to do something special for your coach, creating an engraved coach plaque to thank them for a fantastic season. But what message do you engrave on it, what are good coach plaque sayings? We are the experts here to help!

      In the Examples below, I am going to thank “Coach Jeff” from the “2018 Huskies”, but obviously you would use your coach’s name, team name and year. You can also add your league name to the examples below, under the team name.

      Coach Plaque Sayings

      Coach plaque sayings last a lifetime, consider your engraving carefully! Coach plaque sayings

      Example One:

      Coach Jeff

      Thanks for a Great Season!

      2018 Huskies

      Example Two:

      A Special Thanks to Our Coach

      Jeff Anderson

      2018 Huskies

      Example Three:

      Thank You

      Coach Jeff

      For teaching us to be winners

      (Even when we don’t have the highest score)

      2018 Huskies

      Coach plaque wording More coach plaque wording.

      Example Four:

      2018 Huskies

      Coach Jeff Anderson

      Thanks for a Terrific Season!

      Logo for League



      Example Five:

      Presented to Coach Jeff

      We appreciate your exceptional hard work, dedication and sharing

      Your love of the game with us!

      2018 Huskies

      Girl’s Softball U-10

      Example Six:

      Thanks Coach

      For spending your free time with us,

      teaching us, inspiring us, encouraging us, challenging us.

      This was a great season thanks to your dedication and patience!

      Presented to:

      Jeff Anderson

      From the Huskies

      Spring 2018

      These are just a few examples of coach plaque sayings that we have seen on coach plaques that we engrave.  Be thoughtful, meaningful, and be sure to spell the coach's name correctly!  If you need more ideas, feel free to contact our customer service team, we are here to help!

      Cheers to a great season!


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