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    • Coach Appreciation Sayings

      Do you want to get your child's coach a special gift to recognize an outstanding season?  You decide on an engraved plaque or trophy.  You want to add a meaningful message, but what should you say?  Today's blog post gives some ideas of popular coach appreciation sayings to add onto a wall plaque or other coach trophy for an outstanding mentor.

      Coach Appreciation Sayings

      Coach Plaque A special plaque for an awesome coach!

      1. Start with "Thanks Coach (Name)" and be sure to spell the name correctly.

      2. For the middle, keep it short with one to two sentences personally thanking the coach.

      3.  Have the last line be your team name and year.


      Coach Tom

      Thanks for the great season!

      2019 Huskies

      Other ideas for the meaningful middle:

      Thank you for believing in us!

      We wouldn't be the team we are today without your hard work and dedication.

      Thank you for the time you put into coaching us this year

      Thank you for your patience and persistence and never giving up on us.

      You have taught us sportsmanship, fair play, hard work and commitment.

      It takes a big heart to shape little minds.

      Thank you for using your free time to help our kids develop and grow.

      - - -

      If you decide to create an award for your coach, make it meaningful!  For other coach recognition ideas, check out my past blog post "Top Gifts for Coaches". Have a great season!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • What is the difference between a cup and a trophy?

      We sometimes get asked the question "What is the difference between a cup and a trophy?".  The short answer is a cup is a KIND of trophy, just like an apple is a kind of fruit, but read more to get the full scoop.

      Loving Cup Trophy This traditional Loving Cup Trophy contains a figure top, the golden cup, and then a walnut base with a black brass engraved plate.

      The definition of a trophy is: "A cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success".

      Trophies are made of two pieces - a top (called a trophy "figure") and a bottom (called a "base").  All trophies have a figure top, which can be a variety of shapes, colors and styles including a cup, a star, a person (such as an Oscar trophy) a sports figure, etc.  To answer the question, a chalice cup can definitely be a figure top, but it doesn't have to be.

      The base of the trophy contains the engraved text, including the name of the award, event name, winners name, for example.

      There are many different types of trophies, the only limit is imagination!  But Cup Trophies are a classic style that never goes out of fashion and endures the test of time.  Discover our many trophies at our website, including Chalice Cup Trophies!



    • Guide to Humiliating Your Fantasy League Loser

      Humilating your loser is the one of the best parts of Fantasy Football!

      One way to ensure every player in your league 'brings it' for every game is to humiliate the worst team at the end of the season.

      When punishing your fantasy league loser, it can get brutal.  Here are some ideas of how to put your loser to shame this season.

      Guide to Humiliating Your Fantasy League Loser

      Re-Name the Loser's Team:  My husband's league renames the losing team "The Feltchers" - look it up on Urban Dictionary - for the entire next season.  Jeff got that name for two years in a was two LONGGGG seasons!

      The perfect loser's trophy for the team that sucks.

      Loser's Trophy at the Draft:  This includes presenting the worst team from last year a fantasy football loser trophy or maybe adding their name onto an existing perpetual loser's trophy, where it can last in infamy.  Get fantasy football loser trophies ideas here!

      Car Humiliation: Create a bumper sticker or license plate frame that they have to attach on their car or truck for all to see how much they suck at Fantasy Football.

      Jersey:  Make your loser buy and wear the jersey of their most hated team.  Have them wear it at the draft, the entire season, or at the Superbowl.

      Costumes: Have the loser wear a tutu and tiara at the draft, or make them wear a costume at a bar.

      Other Public Shaming: make them participate in Karaoke (where you choose the song) or an open mic night and prepare to laugh your ass off at them.

      Permanent Punishment:  Some leagues are super hard core and make losers get tattoos, belly button piercings, and other more permanent badges of shame.

      loser_license "I'm a Loser" license plate frame will let the whole world know how much the loser's team sucks.

      For even more ideas of how to embarrass your league loser, check out these links:

      **R-Rated** -

      All the more reason to study up before the draft and set your team each week - not only to win the league, but to avoid being the WORST!  Here's to a great season!



    • Top Tips for Nurturing Good Sportsmanship in Children

      “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” – John Wooden, UCLA and NAIA teacher and coach

      Soccer Tunnel Model good sportsmanship for your young athletes!

      When your child joins a sports team, it’s an opportunity to not only improve their physical skills, but also builds character that can spill over into other aspects of their lives, even as adults.  Sportsmanship is one of these aspects that is nurtured by great coaching and supportive parents.

      Sportsmanship involves being a good sport both on –and off - the field.  We want to nurture our kids being both good winners AND losers.

      How do you help kids learn about good sportsmanship?  Below are some tips.

      Tips at the Game:

      1. Set a Good Example. Children model adults, so if you are swearing, yelling at refs, making fun of the other team, you are setting a poor example.  You are a role model representing your child, their team, and your community – act like it.

      2. Stay Positive.  Shout words of encouragement from the sidelines, not criticism. Celebrate good plays, even when made by the other team.

      3. Remember you are the parent – not the coach. Don’t shout directions from the sidelines.

      4. Respect the officials and their decisions – especially when you don’t agree with it.

      5. Stay cool.  Don’t lose your temper, keep perspective that this is a game.

      football sign A good reminder for parents to be good sports.

      Tips outside the game:

      1. Remember this is your kids playing, not you.  Don’t push them into a sport just because you used to do it, let them decide what activities are right for them.

      2. Teach your child the rules of the game.  The more they know about the sport, the more they can follow directions given by the coach and play fair.

      3. For a sore loser:  Focus on accomplishments during the game, having fun, and working together. Help them swallow their pride and remind them there is always next time.

      4. For an overzealous winner: instead of asking about winning, focus on having fun and specific skills.  Teach your child to be humble instead of boasting about a win; because like it or not, eventually they will lose.

      5. Seek out good examples of sportsmanship in professional athletes and make it a teaching moment with your child.  Also point out example of bad sportsmanship and spark a conversation of why their behavior is wrong.

      For more resources about sportsmanship, visit US Youth Soccer and NAIA.

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Worst Trophy Mistakes

      “Average people learn from their mistakes.  Smart people learn from other’s people’s mistakes.” –Neil Patel

      Top 5 Trophy Mistakes

      Worst Trophy Mistakes Don't be Homer...learn from other's mistakes so your award presentation is perfect!

      Misspellings.  Don’t ruin your gorgeous engraved award with a simple misspelling. -  Read the text backwards – bottom to top – you won’t have context for the words, so it’s easier to find mistakes. -  Double and triple check the spelling of the name.  Spelling the person’s name correctly is EXTREMELY important for obvious reasons.

      Broken awards.  Many customers don’t open their shipping box until the day of the event and to their surprise, find awards damaged during shipping. Because our items are fragile, be sure to open the box and check your awards as soon as they arrive.  In case of breakage, contact us immediately so we can send a replacement.

      Trophy doesn’t match the accomplishment.  Be mindful of what you are celebrating and have the price and stature of the award match the achievement.

      Too much text.  Many of our awards have a very limited space for etching.  Too much text on this small space creates tiny letters that are impossible to read.  If you have a lot of text, choose a wall plaque or other award with adequate space for your message.

      Not presenting it.  The worst is not presenting the award to your honoree; just handing it to them in a box loses the impact of the accomplishment.  For more tips, read my blog post How to Present an Award.

      Be smart - learn from past customer’s mistakes and make your award count!

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