• Crystal Cube Awards for Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP)

      We create many awards for our customers, but often we don't know the impact of our work. Then we hear a story like this, we know that our work makes a difference in people's lives and it's so rewarding!  Read customer Laurie's story from CliimateWorks Foundation:

      Hi, Jessica – I’m happy to have the opportunity to tell you what a great experience it was working with Mike and Laurie to create the award cubes for our Kigali Cooking Efficienc

      K-CEP awards ceremony in Africa.

      y Program (K-CEP) annual meeting. We do climate work around the world and the group that met in Africa in January focuses on cooling issues. The cubes were a take on “ice cubes” and we thought we were pretty clever to find something so perfect!

      From the minute I called your company, Mike was in contact with me from start to finish. He sent me samples so that we could pick the right size cube. He put me in touch with Laurie for the engraving and made some great suggestions about how best to position the copy. He made sure the awards were completed within my deadline and sent to San Francisco. The cost to create and ship them fit our budget. It was just a flawless transaction.

      K-CEP photo 2 This image features the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

      Our meeting was to be held in Nairobi on January 28 but due to a terrorist attack in the city a week before we were to depart, at the advice of our CEO and security consultants we moved everything to Kigali in Rwanda. I had spent 3 months planning the event for 70 people in Nairobi and we had to turn it all around in 5 days to go to a different country. Mike made sure the awards arrived in San Francisco on time and we were thrilled to have them before we left. Each of our team members packed a few in their suitcases and the awards arrived without a scratch.

      I called Mike when I returned to let him know what a hit the awards were, and that our team unanimously agreed, if the cubes were still available, that we would continue to order them for our future annual meetings.

      K-CEP photo 3 Customer Laurie holding one of the crystal cubes at her awards ceremony.

      I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of our awards dinner – the second picture includes the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame (2nd from left), accepting an award for his work on cooling initiatives in his country. The third is my hand with one of the cubes – in the evening lights at the dinner they looked like jewels!

      Please know how much we appreciate the outstanding partnership Mike provided in creating a memorable gift for K-CEP. Best regards, Laurie

      Thank you ClimateWorks for trusting our company to make such memorable awards, we are truly honored!  We appreciate the work you do to help our planet.



    • Trophies2Go 2018 Customer of the Year - Larry Gerdts, PACCAR

      It's my pleasure to announce our 2018 Customer of the Year, Larry Gerdts from PACCAR.

      Larry Gerdts PACCAR's Larry Gerdts, Trophies2Go's 2018 Customer of the Year!

      A long time customer, Larry orders award plaques for PACCAR's Six Sigma certification program, custom annual awards, and coordinates many big company recognition events, such as Chairman's Awards for PACCAR's International Teams.

      Our "Best Dressed" customer, he always wears a smart suit and tie when he comes to pick up his awards.  And he's easy going and a pleasure to work with.

      Larry was nominated by Mika, who helps him with all of his orders.  Here is what she had to say about working with Larry:

      "Larry Gerdts is one of the most easy going customers that I have the pleasure of working with. He is always organized, calm and collected, even when pressured by various departments within his company all telling him at once that they needed awards "yesterday".  We've been lucky to have him as our customer for the last 5 years, and PACCAR is lucky to have him as an employee, as he makes every project he works on go smoothly."

      Congratulations to Larry on your award and thank you PACCAR for your ongoing business.  We appreciate you!




    • 2017 Customer of the Year - Linda Trinh from Sprint

      Mika and I presented Linda with her customer of the year award today!

      Today's blog is to celebrate a very special customer, Linda Trinh from Sprint!  Our staff nominated and votes her as our 2017 "Customer of the Year!"

      Linda is an Executive Admin for three of Sprint's top executives.  She is a busy gal and well liked by her colleagues!

      Our staff loves working with Linda, as she is friendly, positive, and easy to work with.  She was a frequent customer at our Issaquah showroom for many years.

      Since we have closed our showroom, Linda says this hasn't impacted her working with us, as ordering from us is as easy as ever.  She just emails us what she would like and we take care of the rest!  She said that she loves working with Mika and Janice on her orders.

      And the feeling is mutual!  Here's what our staff says about working with Linda:

      Mike says, "Linda is always sweet, understanding and accommodating".

      Our 2017 'Customer of the Year', Linda T. from Sprint!

      Mika says, "I especially like that Linda kept us as her go-to when she changed jobs from Verizon to Sprint.  Her usual jobs are easy because it’s usually the same thing, but once or twice a year she needs to place a big order and she’s very receptive to suggestions and advise from us.  She is really appreciative of the work we do".

      Today we presented Linda with the Trophies2Go Customer of the Year Award at her office in Bellevue, WA.  Thank you Linda and all of our awesome customers for your business!  We appreciate you trusting us with your recognition needs.



    • Customer Spotlight: 2018 PacNW Winter Classic

      Winter Classic, 10 years of soccer excellence!

      We are proud to provide championship soccer trophies, soccer medals, and pins to one of the nation's premiere soccer tournaments, the Pacific Northwest Soccer Club (PacNW) Winter Classic!

      This year is the 10th Annual tournament, held over the first two weekends in January 2018.  More than 100 top youth soccer teams attend the tournament, its the premier winter soccer event in the Country!   Over 100 college coaches attended the showcase, looking for future talent for their schools.

      The PacNW Winter Classic is based out of the the world-class Starfire Sports Complex, located just south of Seattle.  Starfire Sports is the training home of the Seattle Sounders and features 11 fields of both natural grass and artificial turf.

      PacNW designs a logo for the tournament each year, and this year, in it's 10th year, features the roman numeral X in the design!  All championship teams win the tournament's exclusive trophy, it is NOT offered on our website, we only purchase it for this specific event.

      Thank you to Executive Director Todd Johnson for trusting us with his tournament's award needs!  It's an honor to be chosen as his awards vendor.  Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend and have fun!



    • All About Society of Government Meeting Professionals

      Last week I spoke at the May meeting of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP).  The topic was "Recognizing Excellence", where I spoke on ways organizations and workplaces can take their recognition to the next level!  It was wonderful to meet government professionals and suppliers at this event and help them with creating meaningful recognition for their employees.

      SGMP May Presentation Jan Thor, Trustee of the Board for SGMP and Jessica at the May meeting.

      About Society of Government Meeting Professionals:

      SGMP is the only meeting planning and management organization that addresses the specific needs of the Government meeting professional.  The Pacific Northwest Chapter of SGMP provides a common forum for meeting planners and suppliers as a means of facilitating improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of government meetings.  They do this through benefits SGMP offers - Education, Networking, and Resources.

      By getting connected to SGMP, planners and suppliers have the opportunity to receive and take advantage of all the benefits the organization offers, including:

      1. 1. State of the art meeting planning educational programs presented by experts in the field.
      2. 2. Networking opportunities with their industry partners giving them the opportunity to build strong working relationships and
      3. 3. A host of resources that SGMP provides both its meeting planner and supplier members to do their jobs better.

      SGMP MissionEducation is the main purpose of their organization, and their educational theme for the year is "Planning for Excellence".  Through educational programming they provide their members with all the tools necessary to create "Excellent" meetings and conferences for their agencies, departments, and companies.

      To read more about SGMP, see their national website or local Pacific Northwest Chapter .  This is a great organization for our customers who work for Government Agencies and plan events; I would highly encourage you to check them out!

      Thank you to SGMP for the opportunity to share my passion around awards!  If you would like to me to speak for your organization, feel free to contact me at [email protected]



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