Engraving Ideas For Awards

    Are you at a loss for words for your awards? Get some ideas here!

    Our professional and highly experienced engravers are experts at designing the look of your text. Wording is typically centered, unless you tell us otherwise.

    Logos in vector format (.eps or .ai) work best with our engraving equipment. We accept logos in other formats, but they may be subject to an additional, one-time, artwork conversion fee. Visit our Artwork Specifications page for more information.

    The following examples may be helpful to you as you decide what to put on your plaques or awards.

    Typical Format

    Field Description/text


    (Name of Award)

    President’s Award

    (Recipient Name) CAPS


    (Accomplishment or reason for award)

    The true measure of success is the number of
    obstacles you overcome. Your tireless dedication to
    (the company) is an example to all


    May 2014

    (Company Name and/or Logo,
    department or division if applicable)

    Customer Service



    In Recognition of
    Your Dedication to the
    XYZ Company Sales Team

    In Recognition of Your
    Outstanding Sales Performance
    in Selling
    the Greatest Number of
    XYZ Widgets in 2014

    In Recognition of Your Outstanding
    Performance as Supplier of XYZ Widgets

    Congratulations on Attaining 125%
    Of Your Sales Goal for 2014

    Leadership, Service and Retirement Awards

    In Appreciation of
    Twenty Years
    Outstanding and Loyal Service
    to XYZ Widget Company

    In Recognition of Your Outstanding
    Dedication, Commitment and
    Personal Leadership

    In Recognition of
    Your Outstanding Customer Service
    And Dedication
    To Customer Satisfaction

    In Recognition of Your
    Outstanding Efforts in Keeping
    Our Systems Operational
    24x7x365 in 2024

    In Recognition of
    Your Drive & Dedication
    To Providing
    Excellent Customer Service

    In Grateful Appreciation For Your
    Outstanding & Dedicated Service
    To The People in Your Community

    The difference between success and
    Failure is often determined by one's
    Dedication. Your undying commitment
    To our company's success has
    Earned you our highest esteem.

    With Sincere Appreciation
    For Your Outstanding
    In Making Our Company
    As Successful as We Are Today.

    In Recognition of Your
    Dedication and Loyalty

    In Appreciation For
    Your Dedication and Devotion To
    The Principles and Ideals of Our Company

    In Recognition of Your
    25 Years of Outstanding
    Service to the Company

    Trophies Awards