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    • Trophies2Go 2018 Customer of the Year - Larry Gerdts, PACCAR

      It's my pleasure to announce our 2018 Customer of the Year, Larry Gerdts from PACCAR.

      Larry Gerdts PACCAR's Larry Gerdts, Trophies2Go's 2018 Customer of the Year!

      A long time customer, Larry orders award plaques for PACCAR's Six Sigma certification program, custom annual awards, and coordinates many big company recognition events, such as Chairman's Awards for PACCAR's International Teams.

      Our "Best Dressed" customer, he always wears a smart suit and tie when he comes to pick up his awards.  And he's easy going and a pleasure to work with.

      Larry was nominated by Mika, who helps him with all of his orders.  Here is what she had to say about working with Larry:

      "Larry Gerdts is one of the most easy going customers that I have the pleasure of working with. He is always organized, calm and collected, even when pressured by various departments within his company all telling him at once that they needed awards "yesterday".  We've been lucky to have him as our customer for the last 5 years, and PACCAR is lucky to have him as an employee, as he makes every project he works on go smoothly."

      Congratulations to Larry on your award and thank you PACCAR for your ongoing business.  We appreciate you!




    • J. Charles - 2018 Trophies2Go Vendor of the Year

      Wedge Crystal Award One of the many beautiful crystal awards created by J. Charles!

      As a trophy and awards company, we depend on our suppliers to create outstanding award components at an affordable price.  We take these components and assemble and personalized them into the beautiful awards we sell to our customers.

      One company that partners with us to create stunning crystal and glass awards is the  J. Charles Company.  A family owned business based in northern Kentucky, J. Charles has been chosen as Trophies2Go's 2018 Vendor of the Year.

      J. Charles was nominated by three of our staff; Tom, Lori and me, Jessica.  Here is what our team had to say about working with them:

      "What I love about J. Charles is their quality.  Our customers are always pleased with the awards, they are beautifully designed and etched to perfection."

      "Lindsay our customer service rep provides excellent customer service, whenever I have a product question or need to place an order, she is efficient and quick at helping me with any question and always provides a timely answer."

      "They offer unique crystal and glass award designs we can't find anywhere else.  Their quality is second to none".

      Thank you for J. Charles and all of our suppliers, you're partners in our business and we are grateful for your products and service!



    • Ugly Sweater Trophies - Trophies2Go 2018 Product of the Year

      After much debate at our Trophies2Go Christmas Party, our staff decided to award our 2018 Product of the Year to our Ugly Sweater Trophies!

      GMC Ugly Sweater Winner! Christmas Story Sweater!

      These creative Christmas trophies were created in fall 2017, a brainchild of our designer and laser engraver, Lori N.  Lori used some figures that we never sold, spray painted them gold, laser cut wood into the shape of a sweater, and with blood, sweat and tears and lots of glitter paint, created the masterpiece we sell today!  Every ugly sweater trophy is hand-crafted and painted lovingly by Lori.

      Two fabulous options are available for our Ugly Sweater Trophies - Green Gingerbread or Red Ornaments.  Both feature a hand-painted wooden sweater ornament that can be removed from the trophy and hung on a Christmas Tree!  Here are some customer comments about our Ugly Sweater Trophies:

      "I spent a long time looking at the different (ugly sweater) trophies, and this one by far was the best."

      "It was an absolute hit! We love it!"

      Customers also sent me some pictures of their Ugly Sweater winners with their First Place Ugly Sweater Trophies.  I'm posting a few here for you to enjoy!

      Jenny's ugly sweater Jenny's ugly sweater

      Magical reindeer team Magical reindeer team

      Microsoft Party Microsoft Party

      Our best-selling Christmas Trophies of all time, our Ugly Sweater Trophies will be the hit of your next Holiday Party...10 months from now!



    • Best Joke Trophies - as picked by our staff!

      At our holiday party last month, our T2G staff picked their favorite joke trophies that we make.  They see many funny trophies come through our warehouse, but these joke awards are the best of the best!

      Golden Throne Chili Resin Trophy Paul's pick - "We wish you hadn't entered the chili cook-off" toilet

      Category #1:  TOILETS

      Janice chose the All-Purpose Toilet Trophy

      Jonas & Laurie both chose the Middle Finger Toilet Trophy

      Paul chose the one award you definitely don't want to get, it's the "BAD CHILI - We wish you hadn't entered the chili cook-off" Chili Loser Toilet

      Find more toilet and potty humor trophies here.

      Category #2: ANIMALS

      Mika picked The Honeybadger Trophy

      Jess (me) chose our cute goat trophy - Greatest Of All Time!

      Tom chose the Horses Bobble Butt Joke Trophy.  He was very specific though, its for a birthday, with a candle in the horse's butt.

      See more animal joke trophies here!

      Happy Horse Bobble Butt Tom's pick - with a candle in the butt!

      Category #3:  OTHER

      Jim picked  the BOMB trophy!

      Lori likes the Ugly Sweater Christmas Medals

      And Mike chose the regal King and Queen Trophies, he said they are great for divas at the office and in your Fantasy Football League.

      Our BEST funny joke trophies for any occasion!  Get laughs at your next event or gag someone special with one of our awesome engraved funny awards!



    • 5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Corporate Award

      This week is the kick-off of Corporate Awards season!  All of Trophies2Go's past Corporate Awards Customers received this email yesterday.  Read below to narrow your search for the perfect award for any occasion!

      Seattle Business Seattle Business Awards always does an amazing job of recognizing outstanding businesses!

      1. Start With Your Budget.

      Determine how much you want to spend per award. We have beautiful awards in every price range, so even if your budget is small, we’ll create something special for you. Read Budgeting for a Recognition Program for more ideas.

      2. Fit the Accomplishment.

      Present a premium crystal award to someone who has gone above and beyond, not for menial tasks. Conversely, if a dedicated employee is celebrating a milestone goal, big anniversary or retirement, a $10 gift card doesn’t cut it. Make sure to match the award stature to the achievement.

      3. What's the Message?

      Choose an award that can fit all of your text and logo. An engraved plaque has space for a long message and logo, whereas a 4 inch crystal cube doesn’t. Know what you want to engrave before ordering your award to ensure enough room for your message.

      4. Form Follows Function.

      Consider how the award will be displayed. Will the award stand on a desk, be hung on a wall, be displayed on a lobby shelf, or be featured in a home?

      For example, if a sales award will be hung in the lobby, then an engraved plaque may be a good choice. If the award will be displayed in a home, something more functional and pretty, such as an engraved clock or personalized vase, is appropriate.

      5. Personalize the Award.

      If your organization is more conservative, stick with a traditional award. But if you’re in a creative business, choose something a little more artistic or funky! For an individual award, consider the recipient’s personality and get an award to match it. Be creative and think out of the box, not only with your award, but also your engraved message!

      Need help?  Feel free to give us a call at 877-926-4700 and we can help you choose the perfect award for any occasion!



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