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    • 100% Made in the USA - Acrylic Awards

      Supplier Spotlight - RB Fabrication, Inc.

      Custom shapes, colors, and all made in the USA. That's what sets RB Fabrication's acrylic awards apart from other manufacturers. For more than 30 years, Randy and his staff have been creating high quality artistic awards made of acrylic out of their Orange, California factory.

      Supplier Interview - RB Fabrication Randy Baker Check out our short video interview with Randy Baker, owner of RB Fabrication!

      RB's acrylic awards are some of the most popular awards that we sell, and it's easy to see why.  These clear awards have the look of glass or crystal, but the durability of plastic, at an affordable price. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with one for virtually every award occasion.  They also come  with colored wrinkled reflective bottoms, which radiate color throughout the awards.

      RB is one of our suppliers we rely on when creating custom awards, as they have the ability to create acrylic awards in any size or shape imaginable!  And if a customer has a color logo or picture they would like to put on an award, then RB's products are our go-to choices.  Their awards are the perfect blank slate for color photos, company logos, or other custom artwork.  Check out our color imprint page to find out more.

      We are so grateful to have suppliers such as RB Fabrications, who provide us with high quality products!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Make a Statement with Designer Crystal Awards

      Nik Meller Interview Check out our video interview with Nik Meller

      Imagery.  That's the inspiration for Nik Meller's line of designer Crystal Awards.  Whether the deep blue waters of the ocean, the clear blue sky above the Alps, a bee's honeycomb, or a spider's intricate web, Nik uses nature's architecture as the foundation of his designs. An international furniture designer and artist, Nik has lived around the world and uses his experience to inspire his creativity.  His work is infused with artisty that comes from a global perspective yet appreciation for the world's beauty.

      See Nik's collection of crystal sculptures here.

      Video interview with Chien Wang of Toujours awards Click here for our video interview with Chien.

      Fashion.  That's the inspiration for Chien J. Wang's collection.  Chien's story begins in Taipei, Taiwan, where his father worked for a textile mill.  Young Chien saw all of the latest fashions before they went to market, and he dreamed of one day becoming  a fashion designer.

      After immigrating to the US at 11 years old, Chien worked hard , studied business at USC, and opened his first awards company at age 22.  Not until age 40 did he begin designing crystal awards.  The market had gone stale and lacked originality.  Using his fashion design aesthetic, he began creating awards that elicit an emotional connection; you either love them or not.  His designs appeal to a more sophisticated customer, interested in awards that make a design statement.

      See Chien's Collection of fashion forward designs here.

      We are proud to offer such beautiful and artistic awards to our customers!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Awards that bring tears to your eyes

      Awards Can Bring Tears to Your Eyes

      At Trophies2Go, our goal is to provide meaningful recognition and to have our awards bring tears of happiness.   We want the person who receives your award to be absolutely thrilled in the moment, overcome with joy to be honored by YOU. 

      Speechless, they are so touched that they tear up, and have to dab the corners of their eyes as they figure out what to say. They clutch their award for the rest of the event, get their picture taken with it, and find a very special place of honor to display it proudly.  Each time they see their award for weeks, months, and even years to come, they are transported back to that very special moment.  Our awards stand the test of time.

      So how do we choose awards that will last, keeping the memory of that accomplishment alive?    At Trophies2Go, we don't actually manufacture the awards we sell.  We buy them or their award parts from our suppliers.  Many awards come in pieces that we must build.  Once the trophy is assembled, we carefully engrave a custom message on each one.  We go through a very specific process of choosing our products from our premium suppliers.

      For the next few weeks, I will be focused on 4 of our suppliers  - what makes their products unique, why we do business with them, and why you should care.  We've also created short videos where we interview our suppliers about what makes them special, and you'll get a chance to see them soon.

      Just like you, we honor excellence.  Each December we choose a 'Supplier of the Year' and a 'Product of the Year' to recognize those suppliers and products that go 'above and beyond' to make a difference in our customers' lives.  We are so honored to do the work we do - to make special moments even more meaningful!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Trophies2Go Recognizes Clean-World Maintenance, Inc.

      The Almost Dead Last Team is awarded the Golden Throne!

      Our customer, Clean-World Maintenance, Inc. has been ordering golf tournament awards from us for 10 years! Owner, Derek Grieson, says his grandfather taught him, 'If it's not broke, don't fix it.'  So Derek continues to order his awards from us because he says he likes our service.

      Every June, Clean-World Maintenance hosts the CWM Classic golf tournament for its customers, suppliers, employees and sub-contractors.  They award gold and silver resin trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams, longest drives and closest to the pin awards like many tournaments do.

      But they have a great sense of humor. They also award the Dead Last Toilet Resin trophy to the last place team and the Golden Throne Golfing Resin to the Almost Dead Last team.  To add a little class to the outing, they award a Rosewood Wine Bottle Display Box with their logo engraved on it to special winners during the tournament.

      The Wine Bottle Box with a logo on it makes a great gift.

      Clean-World Maintenance, Inc. offers cleaning services all over the Pacific Northwest.  These services include:

      Drapery & Upholstery
      Pressure Washing
      Water Damage Clean Up
      Janitorial Services

      You can check out their website at  Or you can reach Derek Grieson at 360-256-9250 or [email protected].  You can also request an estimate on their website or by calling 800-643-5850.

      We’re happy to spread the word about a great customer.  You can bet that if they appreciate great customer service, they know how to give it too.

      Blessing, Anne

    • Issaquah Trophy & Awards Backs Issaquah Schools Foundation

      The Issaquah Schools Foundation has been chosen as the Issaquah Trophy & Awards 2nd quarter Awards for a Cause recipient.  The Issaquah Schools Foundation is a huge part of our local community.  Many of our children have attended or still do attend an Issaquah School.  We personally see and feel the work that they do and want to help them with fundraising to keep up the good work!

      ISF drives resources to help all students achieve the promise of their academic potential. They do this by bridging the gap between funds the state provides for basic education and the dollars our schools need to prepare students for success in the school and life.

      On Thursday, May 9th, ISF will host its 15th annual Nourish Every Mind Benefit Luncheon. Over 1,000 parents and civic and business leaders pack the luncheon to hear about how ISF has changed student lives, about future projects, and donate to make it all happen. Learn more about what the Issaquah Schools Foundation does by visiting their website or Facebook page.

      Issaquah Trophy & Awards will make a donation to the Issaquah Schools Foundation based on selected product purchases.

      Blessings, Anne

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