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    • 4 Tips for Presenting Corporate Awards

      At Trophies2Go, we care about our customers and we want the award you choose to make an impact that last a lifetime.  Below are some tips to help make your recognition count.  What you say matters, so plan ahead and follow through on the presentation to make your award all the more meaningful.

      4 Tips for Presenting Corporate Awards

      Jeff with the ARA trophy. In 2012, we received the ARA Large Retailer of the Year. Being presented in front of peers made it all the more meaningful.

      Step 1: Set up measurable outcomes. If you have metrics associated with your award, giving is clear and predictable.

      Step 2: Choose your engraving carefully. Your award will have a big impact, so take the time to be thoughtful with your message and edit carefully. Visit our Engraving Ideas page for examples.

      Step 3: Plan the presentation of the awards. Best practices include:

      - Make it a crowd. Acknowledgement in front of peers has two benefits: it increases recognition value for the recipient and motives others to improve their performance.

      - Bring in the VP. By having a senior executive present the award, it shows caring and buy-in from the leaders of the organization.

      - Don't wait. Presenting the award in a timely manner ensures greater impact.

      Step 4: Plan what will be said about the recipient and practice it. Some key things to remember include:

      - Pronounce the person’s name correctly.  

      - State how the award was earned. Briefly discuss what the recipient did to help the organization and how that’s important to the overall mission, vision and goals.

      - Keep it brief. Earned corporate awards will be cherished for many years to come. Make them count by going the extra mile to plan ahead to make them meaningful.

      Cheers! Jessica

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