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    • Issaquah Trophy & Awards Is Now Trophies2Go!

      Our Story

      In 1987, Bonnie and Mickey Kosko noticed the need for a high-quality engraving and awards provider in their community of Issaquah, outside of Seattle, Washington. They started Issaquah Trophy and Awards out of their garage, and in 1993, their son, Jeff Anderson, purchased the business.

      Over time, Jeff grew the business into one of the largest awards providers in the Seattle metro area. His formula for success was providing high quality products at competitive prices with exceptional customer service.

      In 2000, Jeff decided to take advantage of technology to expand his services across the US. was born as one of the first internet awards retailers. Trophies2Go allowed customers to place their orders, including engraving information, over the internet and have their awards shipped directly to their doorstep.

      Same Outstanding Quality and Service!

      It is time to merge our two brands -local and national - into one. Trophies2Go will remain the local awards company you can trust. We specialize in helping parents and coaches who need trophies to memorialize their child’s sports season or activity.

      With our large selection of high quality crystal awards, acrylic awards and plaques, we also serve corporate customers who honor achievements within their organization. Our corporate customers include T-Mobile, Verizon, Microsoft, Paccar, Pokemon, Cintas, and Waste Management, to name a few.

      Personalized etching is always included in the price of our awards and quantity discounts are available for larger orders. With quick production times, beautiful craftsmanship, and helpful, friendly customer service just a phone call away, we are the go-to source for awards in Issaquah, Sammamish, Snoqualmie Valley, Newcastle, Renton, Maple Valley and Bellevue, WA.

      Even though the name has changed, local customers can continue to place and pick up orders as usual at our Issaquah Showroom or pick up paid orders at our Renton Awards Warehouse.

      Our staff is committed to providing you the very best customer experience possible. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-877-926-4700 and our friendly customer service team will be glad to assist you.

      Thank you for the many years of support and we look forward to serving you in the future!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Official Trophies2Go Coupon Code

      Looking for a coupon for your order? Here's the scoop with Trophies2Go coupons and discount codes:

      Coupon Sites

      CouponClippingWe do not offer discount codes or coupons through online coupon websites. If you find a coupon online, it's bogus and will not work when entered. We don't advertise with these coupon sites, as they often post coupons that aren't verified.

      FREE Shipping

      We offer free shipping to all order over $50, along with emails for specials, coupons, and other promotions.

      FREE Engraving

      We also offer FREE engraving on all of our orders.  We don't count characters and will do our best to accommodate any text and/or logos on your awards.

      Quantity Discounts

      We offer quantity discounts on most of our trophies and awards, no coupon needed! We receive bulk pricing from our manufacturers and are able to pass that savings along to our customers when ordering higher quantities of awards. Just enter the quantity when placing your online order, and the discount will be automatically applied.

      We strive to offer the best value, high quality products and excellent customer service to our customers. Feel free to contact us if we can help you with your awards purchase!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • How To Add Names To Fantasy Football Trophies

      Get ready for the Fantasy Football season by updating your fantasy league's trophy with last year’s winner.  We have a simple process to get perpetual engraving added to fantasy football trophies.  It's so easy!

      What To Do:

      Step 1:  Unscrew the plate you want to be engraved.  Save the screws, as you will need those to re-attach the plate after it has been engraved.

      Step 2:  Put the plate in a padded mailer.  Please also include:

      - Your engraving information.  Let us know how many years you want added. Most common engraving is Year, Winner's Name and Team Name.

      - Your address

      - Your email

      - Your payment – a $20 check.  This includes up to 4 years of engraving and return postage.

      Step 3:  Mail to: Trophies2Go 1320 NW Mall Street, Suite A-2 Issaquah, WA 98027

      Step 4:  Watch your email.  An order confirmation will be emailed to you once we receive your plate and enter your engraving details.  A delivery date will be included in this confirmation.

      Step 5:  After we engrave your plate, we mail it back to you to re-attach to your trophy.  Simple!

      More Details:

      - The fee for perpetual engraving is $20, including return mailing. You may request up to 4 years of engraving at one time for this price. Additional years (more than 4) at the same time or additional mailed plates will be an extra $5 each.

      - If you prefer to pay with a credit card please call 1-877-926-4700 after you receive your confirmation email.

      - If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-926-4700.

      Watch this short video to see the process in action!

      Wishing you a great Fantasy Season!  Go Seahawks!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • 4 Steps for Creating a Service Awards Program

      Concerned with Employee Retention? Consider Giving Service Awards!

      Margenes award At Trophies2Go, we have a service awards program. Here is Margene with at her 10 year anniversary award!

      As a manager or owner of a business, are you concerned about employee retention, engagement and satisfaction?  If so, consider adding Service Awards to your HR tool belt.

      These types of awards acknowledge an employee’s year(s) of service to the company. This is especially important when employee turnover is an issue. The cost of an awards program is small in comparison to the cost of employee acquisition and training. Service Awards Programs have been proven to be successful in increasing job satisfaction and improving employee retention.

      Starting a Service Awards Program

      Whether a large corporation or a small nonprofit, all employees like acknowledgement for the time they have served an organization.  Below are some basic steps for establishing a Service Awards Program.

      Blue Rain Drop Glass Award Art Glass Awards, such as this Blue Rain Drop, make great Service Awards. Recipients can display with pride for years to come.

      Step #1:  Establish Time Periods For Awards.

      Standard time periods for presenting awards are 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 years, but can vary depending on the type of work.

      -  Well established companies: Recognition at the 1, 5, 10, and 20 year mark is appropriate.

      -  Start-ups or companies with higher turnover:  Gifts at the 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 year mark may be necessary. Even six month awards can be useful if the typical employee lasts less than three months in a position.

      Step #2:  Determine Your Awards For Each Time Period. 

      Typically, more employees qualify for awards in the 1-5 year time frame. Begin with less expensive awards and grow to more significant ones as years of service progress.

      Add variety to your awards program. Consistency is good, but don’t give the same gift each anniversary date. One idea is to alternate an award with an edible or useful gift every other time period.  From our years of experience, below are some common service awards companies have given to their employees.

      - For earlier years:  Acrylic awards are a great choice. Some examples include the Acrylic Ice Block, or Peaked Acrylic Awards.

      - For the middle years: An award plaque would be appropriate.   Another functional gift choice is an engraved clock.

      - For someone with 15 or more year of service:  Consider a crystal trophy or art glass award.   These high quality awards add beauty and class to any surrounding.

      Step #3:  How To Present Awards In A Meaningful Way.

      Service Awards can be given at staff meetings, company functions, teambuilding events or individually. However, recognition must come from the leaders of the company in order to be meaningful. Presentations should be made by a direct supervisor or someone higher up in the company, such as the VP or CEO. Do not have the award sent to the person without direct acknowledgement by a supervisor; that diminishes the value of the award.

      Step #4:  Follow Through.

      Once a Service Awards Program is created, it is important to stick to it. Follow through shows a company’s commitment to its employees.

      Examples of Text for Service Awards

      Below are four examples of text that can be used on Service Awards. These are only guidelines; be creativity to capture the essence of your company.

      Presented to

      First & Last Name

      In Appreciation of XXX Years of Service

      Company Name or logo

      Presentation Year or Presentation Date or Anniversary Date

      Presented to

      First & Last Name

      In Recognition of XXX Years of Dedication and Devotion

      Company Name or logo

      Presentation Year or Presentation Date or Anniversary Date

      Presented to

      First & Last Name

      In Appreciation of Your Effort and Hard Work

      Towards the Success of Our Company

      Company Name or logo

      Presentation Year or Presentation Date or Anniversary Date

      Company Name or logo

      XXX Years of Service

      Presented to

      First & Last Name

      Presentation Year or Presentation Date or Anniversary Date

      Service Awards Programs are great tools for motivation, recognition and employee retention. Your employees deserve to be recognized in a meaningful way for the time and expertise they give to your company.  In return, that recognition will add value to your business in the form of satisfied employees!

      Cheers, Jessica

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