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    • Crystal Cube Awards for Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP)

      We create many awards for our customers, but often we don't know the impact of our work. Then we hear a story like this, we know that our work makes a difference in people's lives and it's so rewarding!  Read customer Laurie's story from CliimateWorks Foundation:

      Hi, Jessica – I’m happy to have the opportunity to tell you what a great experience it was working with Mike and Laurie to create the award cubes for our Kigali Cooking Efficienc

      K-CEP awards ceremony in Africa.

      y Program (K-CEP) annual meeting. We do climate work around the world and the group that met in Africa in January focuses on cooling issues. The cubes were a take on “ice cubes” and we thought we were pretty clever to find something so perfect!

      From the minute I called your company, Mike was in contact with me from start to finish. He sent me samples so that we could pick the right size cube. He put me in touch with Laurie for the engraving and made some great suggestions about how best to position the copy. He made sure the awards were completed within my deadline and sent to San Francisco. The cost to create and ship them fit our budget. It was just a flawless transaction.

      K-CEP photo 2 This image features the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

      Our meeting was to be held in Nairobi on January 28 but due to a terrorist attack in the city a week before we were to depart, at the advice of our CEO and security consultants we moved everything to Kigali in Rwanda. I had spent 3 months planning the event for 70 people in Nairobi and we had to turn it all around in 5 days to go to a different country. Mike made sure the awards arrived in San Francisco on time and we were thrilled to have them before we left. Each of our team members packed a few in their suitcases and the awards arrived without a scratch.

      I called Mike when I returned to let him know what a hit the awards were, and that our team unanimously agreed, if the cubes were still available, that we would continue to order them for our future annual meetings.

      K-CEP photo 3 Customer Laurie holding one of the crystal cubes at her awards ceremony.

      I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of our awards dinner – the second picture includes the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame (2nd from left), accepting an award for his work on cooling initiatives in his country. The third is my hand with one of the cubes – in the evening lights at the dinner they looked like jewels!

      Please know how much we appreciate the outstanding partnership Mike provided in creating a memorable gift for K-CEP. Best regards, Laurie

      Thank you ClimateWorks for trusting our company to make such memorable awards, we are truly honored!  We appreciate the work you do to help our planet.



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