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    • Business Lessons...What Cyber Monday Taught Me

      Yesterday at the end of the day, I wrote my blog on Corporate Gifts, as scheduled on my social media calendar.  I wrote the draft, let is simmer and percolate overnight, like I usually do.  But then as I was getting ready for bed, inspiration hit.  What I REALLY want to write about this week is business, and in particular what Cyber Monday has taught me.


      Now that we are officially an eCommerce company, no more showroom, it's time to do cyberspace marketing, no?  Well Cyber Monday wasn't even on my radar. But one day I was browsing the Awards and Personalization Association forum (that's our trophy trade group), and I read a thread about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  A competitor, also an eCommerce awards company, shared how his sales spiked last year on Cyber Monday.  It got my wheels turning that we should try a Cyber Monday promotion this year.  I shared the idea with my business partner Tom and we decided to go for it.

      I put together a quickly crafted email campaign for my customers, just letting them know about our sale.  I sent the emails out of Sunday and then the next day on Cyber Monday.

      The Results?  Pretty good.  It was a busy day, we had 25% more sales than the same day the previous year.  Our Google conversion rate was up over 6%.  Pages per visit were also up, people hung around the site longer than usual.  However, because of the discount, the average order amount was slightly lower than the previous year.

      My Take Aways

      1. 1. People like good deals and they will convert if you have a promotion.
      2. 2. Customers also convert when a promotion is short-term and they know it will go away.
      3. 3. Its nice to get on the bandwagon with a nation-wide promotion, this saves marketing dollars since everyone already knows about it.
      4. 4. Some marketing ideas are flops, but once an awhile they are good.  Its fun when they work out well and make money.  It's always a gamble but it's good to try new things because they could pay off.

      In a nutshell, those are my business lessons from Cyber Monday.  Thank you to all the customers who ordered from Trophies2Go.  And a special shout out to my developers Ben and Duncan who speedily made my website promotional banner on the fly Sunday night.

      Did your business try a holiday promotion?  How did it work out for you?  Share it in the comments!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Funny Awards for the Holiday Office Party

      Holiday party! Bring on the laughs!

      With the holidays approaching, it’s time to plan the office party.  You can do a stuffy button-ed up event, or you can lighten up, add some laughs and have some fun!

      That’s where we come in, as we have hilarious business awards and joke trophies for your office party.  Host a contest or competition and give funny awards for the best (or...worse)!  Call out the clowns of your group, poke fun at the your colleagues and make a memory that will be discussed around the water cooler for years to come!

      Tips for Funny Trophies

      Honey Badger For the office go-getter, the Honeybadger trophy makes a perfect award!

      1.  Match your party theme.  For example, If you are having a bowling event, make the awards bowling trophies.  For an Ugly Sweater office party, choose Ugly Sweater Trophies.  For Karaoke, it's microphone trophies for the team.  You get the idea.

      2.  OR do individual awards to match the person.  For example, the person who runs late gets a clock, the deal maker gets the handshake trophy, biggest baller gets the dollar sign trophy, luckiest person in the office gets the lucky clover trophy, etc.  Get creative and have fun with it!

      3.  Engraving matters.  Be clever and specific when etching a message on your trophy.  Any trophy can be transformed into something funny with a brilliant message.  Be sure to spell the name correctly!

      4.  Order early.  Make sure to get your awards before your party in case there's any breakage, etc.  It puts your mind at ease knowing this task is completed.

      Funny Trophy Ideas

      Here are some of the funniest trophies we’ve seen come through the door over the years:

      For your beast of a seller, this trophy is a winner!

      Sales Shark:  This best selling bobblehead shark trophy is perfect for your favorite sales rep.

      Horse's Butt:  For the biggest jackass in the office, we have two popular options, the Horse Bobble Butt trophy and the Horse's Rear Trophy.

      Cry Baby:  Got a whiner in the office?  This cry baby trophy is THE trophy for them, everyone will love it.

      Honeybadger:  A nasty go-getter that won’t take no for an answer, Honeybadgers show no fear and eat that cobra!  For the tenacious person that just goes for it, then the Honey Badger Trophy is for them! Add names to the sides to make it an annual award.

      Monster Sales:  For the guy or gal who crushes your sales numbers, this hunky hulk monster trophy smashes and slays the competition!

      We don't judge.

      Funny Name Plates:  Come up with any saying, we can engrave it on a plastic name plate.  See ideas in the picture (we don't judge)

      The Dundee Trophy:  An Office classic!  A businessman or business woman trophy.

      The “No Award” - Just engrave a base with no topper.

      Other Awards include Light bulb trophy for innovative ideas, gears trophy for teamwork, and Pot of Gold Trophy for sales.

      The key is to put some thought into the person and choose something that fits the event or their personality.  Check out our funny office awards to bring laughs and smiles to your event!



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