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    • Trophies2Go reaches 100,000 Orders - What a milestone!

      Last week was a big milestone for our company – our 100,000th order.  Wow, what an accomplishment!  What does it take to reach 100K orders of trophies and awards?

      We started keeping track of our orders electronically in May of 2000.  That’s when we launched Trophies2Go, our Internet storefront.  I remember Jeff and I were due with our first daughter and my mom was dying of cancer, and yes, like a true entrepreneur, Jeff decided to launch a new business!  Even though Trophies2Go was launched during the dot-com boom, it turned out well for us.  We’ve grown from 2 full-time staff and about 3-4 part timers to a staff of 18.  Before we went electronic, orders were written ‘old-school’ in a book, and highlighted as the order went out the door.  We didn’t have email then either, so we had to make notes on orders and talk to each other about every little detail.  Everything was done from our old Issaquah storefront, without UPS shipping.  Since that time we’ve expanded into our Awards Design Center in Issaquah and our Awards Workshop in Renton, WA.  All orders, inventory, and shipping are tracked with our order processing software.  It’s all very high tech now.

      But the thing that has remained the same since order #1 is our goal of creating great awards at a good value on time.  Whether it’s a kids soccer trophy or a corporate President’s Award, all of our products are well made, expertly engraved, and delivered on time.  Our staff is the best in the industry and that’s what makes all the difference. Cheers, Jessica

    • Trophies2Go CEO and President Jeff Anderson

      Get To Know Me!

      What drives me, makes me fulfilled, brings me joy, shows me love?

      First is my family.  I have been married for 17 years to Jessica.  We have 2 very cute girls, Brenna (12) and Audrey (8.5).  Due to the estrogen in the house, I should be taking steroids.  Thankfully I have 2 male cats – all my idea.  We live in Issaquah, WA, close to work (a long par 3 & a par 5 between the two).

      Second is my job.  I'm passionate about meaningful recognition and the difference it can make in people's lives.

      Third are other activities.  I like to golf, gamble, cook (and eat), vacation, and hang out with family and friends.   I'm active in the Issaquah Rotary and EO Seattle.  I also help the technology committee of the ARA (Awards and Recognition Association).

      My life is fulfilled with family and friends that make me laugh.  I create memories with them and cherish them immensely.

      Thanks for getting to know me! -Jeff

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