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    • 2015 Awards and Recognition Association (ARA) Trade Show

      International Awards Market, January 27-30, 2015, Las Vegas, NV

      It's that time of year again...time for our annual trade show!

      ARA Show in Vegas ARA Show in Vegas

      Trophies2Go is an active member of the Awards and Recognition Association, also known as the ARA.  This niche association includes over 1800 awards companies and suppliers. Trophies2Go President Jeff Anderson serves on the ARA Board of Directors as the Chair of the Membership and Technology Committees.

      At this week's International Awards Market, wholesale award suppliers introduce new products and display samples of their hottest sellers. Certification classes and seminars offer educational opportunities to attendees. Located at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, I'm choosing my party dresses for 3 days and 2 nights of learning and camaraderie with our friends in the trophy industry!

      ARA Benefits

      There are many valuable benefits to being an ARA member. They include:

      1.  International Awards Market:  At this annual event we meet face to face with our suppliers, touch and feel new products, network with others in the industry, and attend many educational classes.  The event is free to ARA members and staff.

      2. Member to Member Forum:  This free online resource allows ARA members across the country to network with one another.  The forum allows members ask questions about products, discuss marketing ideas, or share industry news.  Just this week I used the forum to locate a product for a customer, resulting in a sale and a happy customer!

      Vendors exhibiting at the ARA trade show. Wholesale award vendors exhibiting at the ARA trade show in Las Vegas, NV.

      3.  Recognition Review Magazine:  Each month we receive the ARA magazine, Recognition Review.  I always read through the latest edition to find out what is trending in our industry.

      4.  ARA Members:  Because of the positive nature of the business we are in, my experience with the ARA is that members tend to be outgoing, friendly, and generous people.  Our industry is unique in that most of the members, who happen to be competitors, help each other out - whether it's finding a product needed for an order, sharing better ways to do business, or being a supportive during hard times.  We find that by working together we make the industry as a whole stronger.  The motto "the rising tide floats all boats" fits well for our industry.

      If you are in the awards industry, consider joining the ARA.  You will be glad you did - I'm very grateful for the friends we've made over the years.  See you in Vegas for another great show!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Trophies for Super Bowl XLIX

      Superbowl 2015 - Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots

      Cheering the Hawks on to victory! Cheering the Hawks on to victory!

      The countdown is on!  The game of the year, Superbowl XLIX, is a little over a week away!

      Our beloved Seattle Seahawks will face the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 1st in Phoenix, AZ.  Back to back Super Bowls = History in the making!

      It's been another amazing NFL football season and our city and fans have responded.  After an extremely stressful and epic playoff game against Green Bay this past Sunday to clench the NFC title, everyone in the Pacific Northwest is recovering from the adrenaline.  We are ready and hyped for the Super Bowl! Facebook is blowing up, travel plans are being made, 12 man jerseys are everywhere, and this Friday Issaquah, our lovely suburb of Seattle, is hosting a Seahawks rally!

      Not only are the Seahawks players local heroes, but the Pacific Northwest is seriously sick with 12th Man Fever!!!!  12th Man signs, flags, and jerseys are everywhere you look.  It's super exciting!

      Awesome awards for your Super Bowl party! Awesome awards for your Super Bowl party!

      Do you have Super Bowl Fever too?  Host a Super Bowl Party!  Consider one of our Lombardi Replica Trophies as part of your décor.  Have a pool and the winner can take home the hardware!

      My family will be spending next Sunday with many friends, plenty of food and beverages, and a big screen TV, all dressed in our Blue and Green 12th Man finery.   Jeff is still scheming to try to get a ticket to the game...we'll see if

      We are thrilled to be living in the PNW, cheering our team on to victory!  Enjoy the game and GO SEAHAWKS!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Employee Recognition and Award Ceremony

      Are you looking for ideas for employee recognition?  Here are some ways to make your next awards ceremony meaningful:

      An example of an award presented to a deserving employee. An example of an award presented to a deserving employee.

      1.  Host an annual event.  Make honoring your staff a priority. Create an event centered around your employees and how they contribute to the company.

      2.  Feed your guests. Your guests will get more value from the event if a meal is provided.  Food is good!

      3.  Have an MC.  Keep your awards presentation moving and the energy level up with a dynamic, engaging speaker.

      4.  Have the leader of the organization present the awards.  The awards presentation means more coming from senior members of the organization. Make sure your presenter pronounces the recipient's name correctly and prepares something special to say about each winner.  When it comes from the heart, it makes the award that much more meaningful.

      5.  Create awards specific to your organization.  Examples include Employee of the Year for different job categories, Years of Service Awards, Sales Awards, President's Award, or Lifetime Achievement Award.  Many categories of awards are quite generic, and can be applied to any organization, or create your own special trophy specific to your organization.

      6. Keep your awards hidden.  Don't ruin the surprise by displaying the awards before the presentation. Add suspense to your event by hiding your awards. You can stash them on the side of the stage, or have them displayed on a table with a cloth draped over them to hide the winning names.

      7.  Document the event for future publicity.  Hire a photographer and/or videographer to document the night.  These images and footage can be used later for PR for your organization.

      It takes effort to create an awards ceremony, but it pays off in happy employees who feel recognized by their company.   Use these ideas as inspiration for your next employee recognition and awards ceremony. Get planning now!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 5 Reasons to Give a Corporate Award

      Why do people give and get awards? Being in business since 1986, we’ve seen many corporate awards go through our doors - creating these awards is our specialty.  Below are some general trends we've seen as to why organizations present awards.

      1.  Accomplishment. People and organizations earn awards for reaching and exceeding goals, especially for sales and other contests. The Best of the Best get noticed and recognized.

      2.  Service. An award provides a way to show appreciation for service to an organization. Multiple years of employment at a company, being an outstanding customer or vendor, or serving on a Board of Directors deserves recognition.

      3.  Special Life Moments. Many people receive awards during life transitions, including changing employment or retiring.  We also see awards as personalized gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and remembrances.

      4.  Gratitude.  If a person helps an organization or volunteers for a cause, many times they will be thanked for their efforts. An award is a tangible reminder of this gratitude. Organizations show their appreciation to outstanding individuals who go above and beyond by honoring them with personalized awards.

      5.  Team Building.  Many corporate customers choose more casual awards for their staff, including joke awards, trophies that coordinate with a contest theme, or one of a kind custom awards tailored to their specific event.

      We’d love to hear why your organization gives awards! Email me your story at [email protected]; include a picture and I'll share it on our Facebook Page!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2014 Customer of the Year - Jodi Warren

      We love all of our customers, but some repeat customers that we help on an ongoing basis become extra special to us.  We get to know them well, which creates a meaningful relationship. This award honors such a customer!

      Congrats to our Customer of the Year! Congrats to our Customer of the Year!

      The Trophies2Go 2014 "Customer of the Year" Award goes to Jodi Warren at the City of Snoqualmie.

      Jodi was nominated by Margene on our customer service team, but all of our staff agrees that she is deserving of this outstanding award!  Jodi is THE ideal customer.  Qualities used to describe her include sweet, understanding, and flexible.  Our staff loves working with Jodi and the City of Snoqualmie, WA to recognize excellence within their organization!

      Congrats Jodi and thank you customers for making our day. We love working with you to deliver kudos throughout your organization!

      Cheers, Jessica

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