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    • Backyard Games

      No matter the season, it's great to get active outside with recreational backyard games.  What is appealing about these games is that all ages can participate, they are relatively cheap to buy, and can be played on a lawn - no special court or field required.  Below are popular games to consider for your next barbecue, tailgate, or other outdoor social event.

      Popular Backyard Games

      Bocce Balls:   Originally created in Italy, bocce is a fun game for all ages that is easy to play and not too physically demanding.  A throwing game, bocce uses a small ball and larger balls to score.  Get rules here.

      Cornhole: This game is easy to play for both young and old, with little skill required.  Toss the bean bag in the hole and you're a winner!   Find the rules here.  The bean bag toss boards are available for purchase at any sporting goods store or you can build your own.  Be sure to award a trophy to the winning team - we have many options.

      Croquet:  This old fashioned game has many variations that span ages.  Extremely versatile, a court can be set up anywhere; get a croquet set and you're good to go!  Read rules here.

      These Corn Hole Monster Trophies are for a corn hole  tournament in Tennessee. These Corn Hole Monster Trophies are for a corn hole tournament in Tennessee.

      Horseshoes: Another classic game, many parks have horseshoe pits already built – you just supply the shoes. The only caution with this game is many horseshoes are heavy, so take care when throwing them. We make trophies for this game as well.

      Ladder Ball: This fun game can be played by all ages.  Just throw the balls at the ladder, and hope they stick!   This game does require the equipment, which can be found at most sporting goods stores.

      Outdoor Drinking Games

      The games below are for the 21+ crowd only.  Play responsibly!

      Beer Pong:  This popular drinking game can be played indoors or outdoors.  It does require equipment - a beer pong table, along with beer, ping pong balls and plastic cups.  The object of the game is to throw a ping pong ball into a plastic cup at the far end of the table.  If you make the shot, the other team has to drink the beer in the cup.  This game is great fun, especially at tailgates and other adult parties.  And trophies for the winners are always fun!

      Flip Cup:  Having been out of college for close to 20 years, this game wasn't around when I was in school.  But it seems to be popular with college kids these days.  It involves teams drinking a beer and then flipping a cup right side up after.  See instructions here.  We have a number of flip cup trophies for your next party - check them out here.

      No matter what game you choose, they will provide you with hours of entertainment and connection with the other players.  Get outside and play now!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • New Employee Spotlight - Lori N

      Welcome Lori to the Trophies2Go Team!

      Lori Nichol Welcome our newest team member, Lori N!

      Introducing our newest team member, Lori!  Lori joined our Trophies2Go Production Crew earlier this summer.  Along with Laurie W, Lori N will be one of our talented laser ladies, creating beautiful, artistic, expertly etched awards with our laser engravers and sandblasters.

      A California Bay Area native, Lori has lived all over the country supporting her husband, who has served our country in the US Air Force.  For the past 3-1/2 years, Lori and her family lived in beautiful Hawaii, where she ran a trophy shop in Oahu.  With a background in graphic design, Lori is a skilled laser engraver and loves helping her customers create unique trophies and awards.

      This summer, Lori's husband retires from the Air Force, and the couple with their 2 children moved to Western Washington.  Lori decided to find a job doing what she loves and was connected to our President, Jeff.  After a big move to the mainland, Lori now joins the Trophies2Go team!

      Lori is passionate about her family, especially her kids.  Chloe, age 19, is a sophomore in college and Jacob, age 16, is a sophomore in high school.  Her family is her world!

      Welcome Lori - we are glad you are here!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2014 STAR 101.5 Wiener Dog Races

      It’s a Photo Finish!

      The 2013 winning pooch. Who will be this year's champion? The 2013 winning pooch. Who will be this year's champion?

      Join the Trophies2Go crew for the most anticipated event of the summer - the 18th Annual STAR 101.5 Wiener Dog Races!   This year's event takes place on Sunday, July 13th at Emerald Downs in Auburn, WA.  Gates open at 9am, horse racing begins at 2:15pm, and the First Wiener Dog Heat will take place at approximately 3:30pm.

      Once again, we are proud to be the official awards sponsor of the event.  The ultimate wiener dog trophy will be going home to a deserving 4-legged athlete!

      Race Details

      24 dogs Compete, but only one will win the coveted Wiener Trophy!

      Only purebred dachshunds can enter the race.  There are 2 preliminary wiener races, with a race final deciding the top dog. The race is done in the blink of an eye, with local celebrities Kent and Allen announcing which dachshund comes out on top. New this year is the Fan Favorite!  Click HERE to vote for your favorite dog, with the winner featured at Sunday's race.

      Trophies for the winning wieners. Trophies for the winning wieners.

      Bring your whole family!  Kids under 17 get in free and there are plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy,  including free cupcakes at the STAR 101.5 tent, face painting, bouncy houses, pony rides and more!

      This event guarantees lots of laughs in a family-friendly atmosphere. Hope to see you there – we’ll be the ones carrying the trophies!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Q3 'Awards For A Cause' Charity - Seattle Autism Guild

      How do we give back to the community?  Each quarter, our staff chooses a charity to support through our 'Awards for A Cause' program.  This quarter, we have chosen the Seattle Autism Guild as the program recipient.

      What is the Seattle Autism Guild?

      seattle_autism_guildSeattle Children’s Autism Guild formed to support the Seattle Children’s Autism Center’s efforts to eliminate barriers for care and to ensure families have access to diagnostic and clinical services.

      In August 2009, Seattle Children’s Hospital opened its Autism Center to provide comprehensive and timely services to autism patients. It is programed to provide a full range of family-based care from early childhood through young adulthood. The Center is able to draw on the medical research expertise of a nationally recognized children’s hospital, while also providing necessary treatment, family support and therapy options tailored to address the evolving personal needs of each patient served.SeaAutismGuild173

      As a part of their efforts to support The Autism Center, the Seattle Autism Guild strives to foster hope in those families affected by autism. As a local and national resource, they are involved in promoting autism awareness and are committed to raising funds for autism and to promote the programs that are continually growing at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

      For more about the Seattle Autism Guild, visit  Trophies2Go will make a donation to the Seattle Autism Guild based on selected product purchases.  To see the trophies and awards that will benefit the charity go to our 'Awards for a Cause' page.

      Thank you customers for supporting worthwhile charities in our community by purchasing 'Awards for a Cause' products!

      Cheers! Jessica

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