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    • Full Color Sublimated Awards

      greenwastemanagement Sublimation is the hottest technology in the awards industry. This plaque looks eye-catching in full color!

      We are excited to announce a new technology for creating awards - Sublimation!  While the technology isn't really new, as we've been using it for years, the quality and price has recently improved substantially.

      What is great about sublimation is that this process allows us to create nearly endless possibilities of awards and gifts.  Each sublimated award is full color and completely customized to our customer's need or event. Available sublimated items are numerous and expanding; our suppliers continue to offer new and innovative products that we can bring to market.

      How Does Sublimation Work?

      Sublimation uses ink, heat and pressure to transform an item. Using a sublimation printer, an image is printed on special paper. This paper is then placed on the product and heated in a high pressure press. Through this high heating, the ink changes from solid matter to gas, where it permeates the product, creating a full color image.  Sublimated inks can't be washed off, as they actually bond with the substrate.

      What Items Can Be Sublimated?

      Sublimated trophy Sublimated trophies are awesome for schools, as the mascot can be placed on the insert!

      Hard items with a special polymer coating can be sublimated. The items that we offer include:

      Have a unique idea? Make it a reality with sublimation! Want to learn more?  Email me at [email protected] to discuss your project.

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Top 10 Baseball and Softball Trophies

      This T-Ball trophy will be a hit with your youngest players! This T-Ball trophy will be a hit with your youngest players!

      With baseball season ending soon, today's post rates our top 10 baseball and softball trophies, medals and coach gifts.  Trying to choose my favorite trophy is like trying to choose my favorite child; they are all fantastic, otherwise we wouldn't sell them!  However, there are a few awards that rise to the top and stand out above the rest.

      All of the personalized awards mentioned below have 5-star customer reviews and are staff favorites.  They also include engraving in the price.  Check them out below and read what other customers have to say!

      #10: Most Popular T-Ball Trophy: Our T-ball Team Participation Trophies make great participation awards for the youngest players.  These small trophies feature a batter on a base with a choice of a girl or boy figure.  What I like about these trophies is that they are small, inexpensive and kids love them.

      #9: Favorite Baseball Medal:  What's cool about the 3-D Baseball Medals and 3-D Softball Medals is that the full color ball pops out of the front and the back includes engraving of the players name, team name, and year. Kids love to hang medals in their rooms or clip to their backpack.

      #8: Best Dog Tag: Dog Tags are something unique and different, yet make a great token for a season well played.  My favorite is the Black Baseball Dog Tag and the Black Softball Dog Tag.  These also include personalized engraving in the price.

      This cute baseball trophy is available for softball too! This cute baseball trophy is available for softball too!

      #7: Favorite Resin Trophy:  The trophy with the best online reviews that is also very cute is the Color Ball and Glove Resin Trophy.  There is a choice for baseball and softball.  These are heavy, well made, and extremely popular.

      #6: Newest Column Trophy: New for baseball and softball this season, our Boys Baseball Column Trophies and Girls Softball Column Trophies will be popular choices!  We featured these trophies for soccer the past 2 years, and they were great sellers.  They are a great choice for a team that has been playing for a couple of years.

      #5: Favorite Trophy:  Well, this isn't really a trophy, but kids LOVE these!  Our extremely popular Personalized Baseball Bats will be a hit with your team!  These mini wooden baseball bats are American made and include customized laser engraving.

      #4: Championship Trophy: This Homerun Riser Trophy is awesome, because you can choose the trim in the center of the ball.  A good value, these substantial trophies will make a great impression on your championship team!

      #3. Best Sponsor Award:  Thank your sponsors for their support with a Picture Holder Plaque.  This popular award makes a great coaches gift too!

      This beast has room on the sides to engrave years of winners! This beast has room on the sides to engrave years of winners!

      #2: Favorite Coach Gift: Our Etched Clear Coach Clipboard  is a homerun for a baseball coach gift. This award is not only useful and affordable, but also sturdy for practices to come!

      #1: Best Perpetual Trophy: Our Perpetual Baseball Beast Trophy makes the top of my list!  Not only is this beast totally awesome, but our monster trophies were our Product of the Year in 2012!  This trophy is perfect for a fantasy baseball league or any baseball team that needs to pass it around from year to year.

      I hope this helps you choose the perfect award to celebrate the season!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Choosing the Best Sports Trophy

      Over the course of an athletic career, players have the opportunity to earn many trophies.  We get asked by our customers often what is the best kind of trophy to buy at a particular age.  With so many choices available, it’s hard to know which award is appropriate. Below are some general guidelines for providing meaningful recognition during any stage of an athletic career.

      This youth soccer trophy is a great choice for a beginning player. This youth soccer trophy is a great choice for a beginning player.

      Younger Children:   I recommend that younger children participating in sports for the first or second time receive small participation trophies. Starting small allows something for the kids to look forward to in the future, as they grow bigger. Popular options include bobble head trophies, trophy figures on bases, or trophies with a child figure.

      Older Children:  As children get older, they usually receive larger participation trophies. For school-aged kids, trophies with column are a great choice. These awards come in a variety of solid colors, including red, blue, green, and purple. In the future, we'd like to offer more interesting color choices that match team colors such as lime green, marmalade orange, teal blue, and vivid pink!

      After a few sports seasons, storage space on bedroom shelves can become scarce. For trophy alternatives, medals and dog tags are great options. They can be worn like a necklace or clipped onto a backpack. Other popular options include water bottles and clothing, such as team jackets, hats and scarves, and other sports related apparel.

      This replica World Cup Soccer trophy is a great choice for older kids or for larger achievements. This replica World Cup Soccer trophy is a great choice for older kids or for larger achievements.

      Tweens:   Resin trophies are a popular choice. Resembling pewter, resin awards look like statues and feel heavier than other trophies. They usually cost a couple of dollars more than other participation trophies but have a cooler, more mature look, making them a great choice for older kiddos.

      Teens: As kids grow into their teens, participation trophies are less often awarded. Sports teams receive hardware when they win competitions or reach certain goals, such as becoming District Champions or winning large tournaments. When this occurs, the team wins a large trophy.

      Players can also receive recognition for individual accomplishments, such as “Most Valuable Player,” “Most Inspirational Player,” or “Most Improved Player.” Common awards for teenagers include sports plaques, resin plaques, larger post trophies, or championship resin trophies on large bases.

      Adults: Most trophies given to adults acknowledge tournament or league winners. Fantasy football, bowling, and golf are all examples of leagues that give trophies to their winners. Many leagues award perpetual trophies, which are passed from person to person year after year.

      For golf, tennis or poker tournaments, the first, second and third place finishers usually receive awards. These awards can be large or small, depending on your needs.

      One of our best sellers, toilets make great gag trophies for fantasy football, golf, and poker. One of our best sellers, toilets make great gag trophies for fantasy football, golf, and office parties.

      For fun, many groups tease their losers with special trophies. Examples include beauty queen or toilet seat trophies for worst performance in a fantasy football league or pink chip trophies for first out at a poker tournament. Joke trophies are a great way to add some humor and laughter to your event, and are a huge seller for us.

      I hope these general guidelines help you choose a great award for your favorite player. From young children starting their athletic careers to adults participating in tournaments for exercise and fun, everyone appreciates meaningful recognition.

      Editor's Note:  This post was originally published in March 2014, and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Trophies2Go Staff Party

      To kick off our spring busy season, the Trophies2Go team gathered for a night of bowling and beers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  We had a relaxing time of beer, food, shuffleboard and bowling. Teams were "Boys against Girls" and even though two of our girls brought their own bowling shoes, the boys still managed to beat us.

      Trophies2Go staff bowling with beers. Trophies2Go staff bowling with beers.

      In addition, Jeff presented our Years of Service Awards, which happens each May.  We celebrated each of our staff's contribution to our business, with awards at years 1, 3, 5, and 10.

      The big anniversary this year was our engraver Paul's 10th year with Trophies2Go!  Wow, what an accomplishment!

      Paul with his 10 year award. Paul with his 10 year award.

      Paul is an outstanding engraver because he is extremely meticulous, working hard to ensure accuracy with every order. He has a great eye for design, laying out words in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.  He also works well with customers, creating awards exactly the way the customer wants.  Paul's dependability is second to none, and he is an extremely important person on the Trophies2Go team.  Thank you Paul for your 10 years of service to our company!

      Our staff is ready for our busy season to begin!  Bring on the orders!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Top Gifts for Coaches

      How Do I Recognize My Coach?

      Whether your kiddo is a tot or a teen, their coach is an important person in their life who deserves recognition.  But what makes a meaningful gift?  Show your coach how much you appreciate the teaching and mentoring they give your child and the entire team with a heart-felt gift.

      During The Season

      Coach Allen Coaches deserve recognition for their leadership.

      First, do a little prep work before choosing a gift for your coach.  Ask yourself the following questions to get ideas flowing.

      How good was your coach?  How much time did they devote to the team?  What was their commitment and enthusiasm?  Do they have a passion for the game?  Were they knowledgeable?  And most importantly, were they a role model of good sportsmanship?

      Find out your coach’s interests to get ideas of what the coach might find meaningful.

      Set a budget. Will everyone on the team pitch in for a gift?  If so, how much can they contribute? Determining your budget during the season can help decide what level of gift you can give.

      With these questions answered, you can decide what to do.

      Gift Ideas

      Below are various recognition gift options for your coach.  To help with budgeting, they are organized by price - small, medium, large and priceless (aka Free).  Also check out our Coach Gifts Pinterest Board for other inspirational ideas for showing appreciation to your coach.

      Small Gifts (less than $20)

      Gift ideas include thank you cards from the players on the team, a flower bouquet, a gift card to a favorite store, a small coach themed trophy, a signed team ball, an engraved coffee mug, or a small coach themed plaque.  View our Coach Gifts and Awards page to see our large selection of Coach Trophies.

      Medium Gifts ($20-$50)

      Ideas include gift certificate to coach’s favorite store or restaurant, movie tickets, a popular picture plaque with a photo of the team, an engraved clipboard, clothing signed by each team member, a signed ball with an acrylic case for display, a book about sports signed by each team member,  a poster collage with pictures of the season,  or a whistle in an engraved box.

      Another idea is to combine small things around a theme.  For example, if your kids play baseball, you can have the kids sign a team ball to display in an engraved ball holder trophy.  For any sport, you can put a Starbucks coffee card in an engraved mug.  For thank you cards, the kids can make them or you can use a team picture as the front of the card with a small gift card inside.

      Large Gifts ($50+)

      Ideas include Embroidered Sports-Related Clothing; a jersey for their favorite college or professional team; a scrapbook with photos from the season, along with personalized messages from each team member; tickets to a professional sports team game; or a larger gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant.

      Priceless Ideas (Free Yet Meaningful)

      Ideas include personal calls, emails, or texts thanking the coach for a great season.  Consider creating a scrapbook for the coach.  Younger players can draw a picture, older kids can write a letter. Ideas for things to include: the player's favorite thing about the coach, favorite moment of the season, what they like about playing the sport, or their favorite position and why.  Then  these letters can be displayed in a binder or scrapbook and given to the coach at the team party.  This can be a gift in itself or can be presented with one of the ideas above.

      No matter what you decide to do, any gesture of recognition will be appreciated.  Coaches give leadership and devote time to the team and deserve to be recognized in a meaningful way for their efforts.

      Editor's Note:  This post was originally published in October 2012, and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

      Cheers! Jessica

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