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    • 2013 Customer of the Year - Rachel at Cintas

      We love our customers.  We love helping them choose the perfect award for their event, creating that award for them, and then hearing about the reaction of the winner.   We have special customers who make our jobs meaningful with their positive attitude and fun spirit.

      Customer of the Year Our 2013 'Customer of the Year' award!

      We recognize our favorites with our "Customer of the Year" award.  This year's winner is Rachel Silvan at Cintas Corporation.

      Rachel was nominated by our customer service team.  Qualities used to describe her include bubbly, sweet,  helpful and responsive.   Whenever our staff has a request for a Cintas order, Rachel is our go-to gal.  She gets us whatever we need right away. We are Cintas' place for recognition, including yearly awards, quarterly awards, and special events that happen occasionally through the year.  Our staff loves working with Rachel to help Cintas recognize excellence within their company!

      Congrats Rachel and thank you customers for making our day.  We love working with you to deliver kudos throughout your organization!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2013 Supplier of the Year – CIP Creation Corp

      Silver-Blaze-Award-with-Black-Crystal-Base One of CIP's designer crystal awards, the Silver Blaze Award.

      Since we don’t manufacturer our awards directly, but assemble and engrave pieces of awards, we rely heavily on our suppliers to provide excellent products at good prices in a quick time frame for our customers.

      As part of our yearly recognition, we award an outstanding “Supplier of the Year” to recognize our vendors who have gone above and beyond to help our business during the past year.  For 2013, we are excited to be awarding CIP Creation Corp with this honor.  Based in Irvine, CA, CIP has been designing and manufacturing premium crystal awards since 1977.  Check out their website for more information about their company.

      We Chose CIP For 2 Reasons:

      1.  Quality.  They have beautiful, high quality awards with unique yet timeless designs.  All of their awards are gorgeous, and we are proud to sell them to our customers.

      CIP Designer Crystal Awards CIP Designer Crystal Awards on display in our showroom.

      2.  Service. CIP provides us with great customer service.  When our Production Manager Tom places an order, their staff is polite, informative, and thorough.  This year they also provided us with engraved samples of their products to feature in our showroom, so our customers can touch and feel their designer awards first hand.

      Located in California, we are able to receive their products within 2 days.  This helps us fulfill orders for our customers quickly, so they have the crystal awards in time for their event.

      To see our full line of CIP Crystal Designer Awards, visit our CIP Crystal Designer Section of the Trophies2Go website.  Thank you CIP for your great products and service to Trophies2Go!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2013 Product of the Year - Honey Badger Trophy

      The Honey Badger Trophy

      Honey Badger Trophy This crazy nasty creature is our 2013 Product of the Year!

      Eewww… what is that nasty thing? Why it’s the Honey Badger, the fiercest trophy on the Trophies2Go website! Honey Badger don’t care, he’ll just eat that cobra!

      Pop culture icon, the Honey Badger was popularized by the YouTube video sensation. Click here to view the video (warning: contains profanity, not for young ears). This tenacious critter is a symbol for overcoming adversity and just going for what you want in life.

      As part of our year-end recognition, we award a Product of the Year. This year our fierce honey badger wins the honor! Designed by our staff and created by JDS Industries, this little critter is full of color and personality.

      Chosen by companies for a variety of office awards and by sports team for participation awards along with coaches’ gifts, the honey badger is an extremely popular and versatile trophy that can be used for any recognition. Funny and edgy, he brings smiles and laughter to any event. Made of resin, this spunky guy is hand painted in full color. Our customers give him 4.8 out of 5 stars – read the reviews to find out what others think.

      We offer a honey badger alone, or as a perpetual trophy that can be passed around from person to person. Check them out!

      Congrats Honey badger! You  rock!

      Cheers, Jessica

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