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    • Retirement Awards Guide

      Retirement represents a significant right of passage in a person’s life.  When an employee devotes years of service to a career, retirement changes their life significantly.  How the retiree is honored will remain with them and their families for the rest of their lives.

      How Do You Honor A Retiree?

      retirementCrown Retirement is a right of passage meant to be celebrated!

      Plan a retirement party.  Big or small, a party matters.  Whether an informal gathering during the day or a more formal event after hours, it's important thing to have key people present - the retiree's current and past co-workers, managers, and spouse.  Retirement awards and gifts should be presented at this event.

      Have a theme. Get inspiration from something the retiree enjoys, such as a hobby or a favorite vacation spot.  Use the theme as a starting point for decorations and games, if you're having them.  The theme makes a party more fun and memorable.

      Say something nice about the retiree. Careful planning should be given to these words, as they will make a lasting impression. It's more meaningful when the speaker has worked directly with the retiree. Make sure to mention the contributions the retiree has made to the organization throughout their career.

      Make the retirement gift meaningful.  Since the gift is a symbol of tenure with the company, it’s important.   Beautiful engraved clocks, vases, plaques, and other personalized award items are popular choices for retirement gifts.  Your gift will be most meaningful if a senior member of the company presents it.

      The most important thing is that the person is honored and appreciated for their years of loyalty, dedication and contribution to the organization.

      Sample Text for Retirement Awards

      Rosewood and Florentine Plaque Award Example of retirement text for an engraved wall plaque.

      Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what words to put on an engraved award.  Below are 4 examples of text that can be used on retirement awards to make it meaningful. These are only guidelines; be creative to capture the essence of the person you're honoring.

      Example #1: Presented To First and Last Name Thank you for your years of Dedication and Leadership Company name or logo Retirement Date or Retirement Party Date

      Example #2: Presented to First Name and Last Name Thank you for your years of passion, dedication, and leadership. Your friendship and companionship will be greatly missed. Company name or logo Retirement Date or Retirement Party Date

      retirement Congratulate someone special on their retirement!

      Example #3: Presented to First Name and Last Name {Formal saying (three adjectives) stating specific attributes of retiree’s contribution} Company name or logo Retirement Date or Retirement Party Date

      Example #4: Presented to First Name and Last Name {Formal saying (three adjectives) stating specific attributes of retiree’s contribution} {Informal saying that speaks to the retiree’s personal attributes or parting words of gratitude} Company name or logo Retirement Date or Retirement Party Date

      Retirement is a right-of-passage that deserves acknowledgment and recognition.  Make it memorable and fun for that special person who has given their time, energy, and talents to your organization.  They'll remember it for the rest of their lives!

      Editor's Note:  This post was originally published in Fall 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2015 Fall Award Trends

      Inspired by the recent New York fashion week, here's my biannual update of award trends.  Just like fashion and home décor, trophies and awards offer fresh styles for the seasonal change, with the top award trends for Fall 2015 listed below.

      Sterling Teamwork Trophy Engrave office winner's names onto this attractive perpetual trophy.

      Trend #1: Perpetual Corporate Trophies

      Customers are asking for a new option in corporate recognition, which is ongoing Perpetual Trophies.  Perpetual plaques continue to be popular, but for something different that can be passed around the office, a Perpetual Trophy makes a popular choice.  Due to demand, we are continuing to develop contemporary styles of perpetual trophies for business, including more formal achievement trophies along with whimsical joke trophies.

      Trend #2: Chili Cook Off Awards

      Chili trophies continue to be some of our hottest sellers this fall. Whether at the office or with family and friends, everyone loves a cook off and fall is a great time to show off culinary skills with hot and spicy chili. Get my top 8 tips for planning a chili cookoff here.

      A great way to fire up the competition at your next cook off is to award both the participants and winners.  Chili trophies, gifts, medals and ribbons make unique, fun and affordable prizes; browse our large selection in our Chili Cookoff Category now!

      Square Stone Photo Print This one of a kind artwork is a stone tile with a color photo (our family in Disneyland this June).

      Trend #3:  Color Imprinted Awards

      Color Imprinted Awards are a huge trend - bright colors and customization make eye-catching awards!  Using high-tech sublimation, ink is permanently bonded to the surface of the item.  Photo panels, plaques, name badges, clipboards, acrylic awards, and bag tags are just a few of the many items that can be color imprinted.  This trend features vibrant colors for a completely personalized look.

      Trend #4:  Bamboo

      Just like last year, bamboo remains one of the hottest wood in awards.  Sustainable and renewable, bamboo's hard surface and pretty honey color make the perfect material for plaques, cutting boards, and even travel mugs!  Beautiful when laser engraved, bamboo awards and gifts are easily personalized.  Great to look at and good for the earth, these awards are a win-win!  Check out all of our eco-friendly bamboo items in our Environmentally Friendly Awards Category.

      Mix things up with your awards this fall by picking a trendy piece.  Just like with your wardrobe, adding just one new item can really jazz up your awards program!

      Cheers, Jessica

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