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    • Recap of the Trophy Busy Season

      Our 2013 “busy season” is done.  Sports have finished their games, recitals are complete, schools are out for summer, and businesses are wrapping up the fiscal year.  Many personalized trophies, dogtags, metals, and corporate awards flew out of our doors, each one given to someone special who earned it.  It felt great to create all of these positive awards for people who deserved them.Chef Awards

      While working in our production facility, we saw how creative and inspiring our customers can be.  They chose beautiful awards for retiring colleagues, with lovely and meaningful messages inscribed.  We created many fun awards, especially toilet trophies, for golf tournaments and corporate events.

      Musicians and dancers received awards at their recitals, acknowledging practice and dedication throughout the year.  Many sports teams were recognized for working hard and improving over the season.  Coaches were given plaques and ball holders to memorialize their passion for the game, and to thank them for mentoring their players.  And many teachers were acknowledged for all they do for their students.

      Each order we make has a story, and I loved capturing and sharing many of these on our Trophies2Go Facebook page.  It’s not every day you can create a trophy for “Nana who went to nationals” or “Runder Woman” who completed a half-marathon on Mother’s Day!  If you have a story of your award you’d like to share, email me at [email protected].

      We love the work we do to provide meaningful recognition.  Thank you customers for allowing us to share in your accomplishments!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Family Reunion Game Ideas

      Summer is the perfect time to visit relatives near and far at the annual family reunion. Spending quality time with family you don’t often see creates memories that last a lifetime.

      When planning your reunion, consider including games or other contests. They are a great way to involve everyone in the event, because they break the ice by encouraging family members to interact with one another. Below are some ideas for family reunion games and contests.

      Family Reunion Games

      My friend Kelly's annual Pickleball and Cornhole tournament.

      Bean Bag Toss:  (Also called Cornhole) This game is easy to play for both young and old. The bean bag toss boards are available for purchase at any sporting goods store, or you can build your own. Be sure to award a trophy to the winning team!

      Horseshoes: This is a classic game. Many parks have horseshoe pits already built in – you just supply the shoes. The only caution with this game is horseshoes are heavy, so take care when throwing them. We make trophies for this game as well.

      Bocce Balls: Another throwing game, only this one uses small balls. Bocce is a fun game for all ages that is easy to play and not too physically demanding. Older inactive adults can play, along with the youngest of kids.

      Cards: If playing cards are your family’s passion, consider hosting a card tournament. My friend’s family holds a huge cribbage tournament at his family reunion each year. They really get into it, with past winners memorialized on a perpetual trophy.

      Field Day Games: Any games that are at a school Field Day make great family reunion games. These include sack race, 3 legged race, egg toss, relays, tug–of-war and long jump.

      Other Active Kid Games: Keep the kids entertained for hours with some recess games!  For young preschool aged kids, Duck Duck Goose is a great choice. For school aged kids, running games such as Red Light Green Light or Tag are always hits, and require no equipment. Variations on Tag include Freeze Tag or Flashlight Tag at night. Put the older kids in charge of planning and running the games; the younger ones will be sure to join in!  Here is a link to more kid game options, with instructions on how to play.

      Family Reunion Contests

      If active games aren’t your family’s thing, consider hosting a cooking contest. Some popular ones we’ve seen include pie baking contests, chili and barbeque cookoffs. Another idea is to have special family dishes that are brought to the event, taste tested, and judged! For ideas on how to judge a cookoff, check out my blog post, Chili Cookoff Ideas.

      Another idea is to showcase your talents at a family talent show, with a variety of acts. Everyone who participates gets a prize. That would be one reunion you’d never forget!

      Family Recognition

      I actually found the idea to write this blog post from a customer comment. This customer uses  corporate awards to honor various family members at her annual reunion. This group recognizes high school and college graduations, new jobs, promotions, and any awards a family member has received throughout the year at their event. They also award members who have shown selfless dedication to the family. What a great way to recognize those who make a difference in your family!

      Safe travels, fun times, and great memories at your next family reunion!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Trophies2Go winner of “Best People to Work With” Award!

      Meritshare winnerLast week, MeritShare announced 6 winners of its “Best People to Work With” award!  The awards were given to companies who demonstrate high levels of employee participation in peer-to-peer recognition. We were selected from over 400 companies that use the MeritShare recognition software.

      "Top talent attracts top talent -- and the best candidates are drawn to companies with people who work well together," said Travis Pearl, co-founder of MeritShare, "We established this award to honor companies that demonstrate a high degree of team cooperation and positive communication expressed through a peer-based recognition program."

      “We are thrilled to have received this award”, said Jeff Anderson, Trophies2Go CEO.  “Happy employees means great customer service and that’s great for business.”

      At Trophies2Go, meaningful recognition is not only for our customers, but also for our employees.  We are extremely honored to receive this award.  To find out more about MeritShare and the “Best People to Work With” award, check out the press release.

      Cheers, Jessica

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