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    • 2018 Awards and Personalization Association Expo

      The best of the best receive this trophy for our industry!

      Last week Tom, Lori N. and I attended the 2018 Awards and Personalization Association (APA) Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The awards industry's biggest event, it gives trophy and awards retailers the chance to meet with manufacturers and sales representatives face-to-face.

      Industry leaders from across the country meet to network, receive education through seminars, and touch and feel the newest award products and personalization machinery. There is even an achievement gala where the best in the awards industry is recognized with The Gold Obelisk Industry Awards!

      Highlights of the Show

      A cool new product we saw at the show, its a canvas photo shaped like a home plate!

      New Products:  We will be adding many new products to our website soon!  Watch for new Fantasy Football Trophies, new colorful art glass awards, glassware including wine and barware sets, glitter acrylic awards, to name a few.

      Education: The APA tradeshow offers interesting and informative education seminars for it's members.  Experts in different facets of the awards industry present on a wide range of topics, from technical training on how to operate equipment and software, to growing sales in your business.  Our graphic designer and laser engraver Lori N attended many classes to improve her technical skills and

      Meeting Suppliers: We had great conversations with our key suppliers, including Kathy and Greg from Tropar Manufacturing, Casey, Erick, & Brianna from Simba Cal, Dan from PDU/Cat, and Larry from Crystal Blanc .

      Dan L from PDU/Cat, our top vendor.

      Networking with Competitors: Yes, we all own awards businesses, and we are technically in competition with each other. But because our industry is so small, and what we do is positive, we have a very supportive and helpful community. The phrase "a rising tide floats all boats" seems to apply in our industry, as when recognition across the country grows, so does our sales. Each awards company seems to occupy an unique niche market so there is business for all.

      After Hours:  Since it's Vegas, there's lots of opportunity to have fun with friends! Gambling, delicious food, and schenanigans are always in the cards in Vegas!

      Thank you to the APA board members, committee members, and staff for putting on a great show this year.  Also thank you to the Rio for hosting our event.  See you all in 2019!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • What is a Plaque Award?

      What is a plaque award?  In the recognition world, there are two main definitions of what a plaque is:

      An example of a small engraved plaque, also called a plate.

      Plaque:  A small etched plaque, usually made of medal, but can also be made of plastic or cast bronze.  These plaques are small in size, usually just a few inches, and attached to an object, such as a frame, piece of artwork, bench, eagle scout project, industrial panel, etc.  Also known as an engraved plate.  These small plaques commemorate a special project, name an artist, explain an artifact, etc.

      Plaque:  A larger engraved wall plaque that is a type of recognition award.  Wall plaques are most often made of wood (but can also be made of glass and acrylic, a plastic polymer) and contain a special customized message inscribed on the plaque.  The text and often times organization logo is either etched directly into the wood or on another medium, such as a brass or aluminum plate, which is then attached to the wood.  This is a traditional corporate recognition award that can be hung on a wall and admired for years to come.

      An example of a perpetual wall plaque with a header plate and smaller plates for names.

      Perpetual Plaque:  Another type of wall plaque, this plaque contains a larger plate at the top (called a Header Plate) which lists the name of the award and often times organization name.  Below are smaller individual plates, often times called perpetual plates, that can list winner's names and dates.  This award is perpetual, meaning that you can add to it over time.  It makes a great way to showcase your businesses "employee of the month" winners, for example.

      To see all plaques at Trophies2Go, view our Plaque category, including engraved plates, wall plaques, and perpetual plaques.



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