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    • Star 101.5 Elementary Teacher of the Week

      Honor A Special Teacher Today!

      Want to do something special to acknowledge your outstanding teacher? Nominate him or her for the STAR 101.5 Elementary Teacher of the Week!

      Teacher of the Week Last week's Teacher of the Week was 4th grade teacher Mrs. Vaver from University Place Primary School!

      We love teachers! Trophies2Go loves being a sponsor of the STAR 101.5 ‘Elementary Teacher of the Week’ program again this 2014-2015 school year.

      What is Teacher of the Week?This program allows students to recognize local, deserving teachers for their commitment to the quality education of children.

      What teachers are eligible? Your child’s current teacher, grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, can be nominated for the contest.

      What does the winning teacher get? Prizes include a $100 check, a $100 VISA gift card and a personalized plaque from Trophies2Go (that’s us!). The teacher also receives a makeover from Blanc ‘n Schwartz Salon.

      What do the kids get? A classroom party, with a goody bag of prizes! They will also be on the radio and TV!

      Mrs. Nuez's class September winner Mrs. Nuez, who teaches 3rd and 4th grade at Green Gables Elem in Federal Way.

      Each Friday winners will be announced live on Star 101.5 radio and the winning class will be featured on KOMO News at 4pm. Find out more at the Star101.5 website: Elementary Teacher of the Week.

      If you have a special teacher you’d like to nominate, complete an entry form online now at!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Customer Story - #1 Female Football Player

      Sarely's award Sarely's award for years of contribution to her team.

      Sometimes customers send us inspirational stories that I just want to share with everyone!

      Read about this awesome young football player, Sarely, who was recently honored for her contribution to her youth football league.

      Thank you customer Guadalupe V. for sharing this story with us!

      Read Sarely's Story:

      football_twinsSarely Cheer She may be a cheerleader, but her heart is 100% football player!

      "There are boy and girl twins, now 11 years old, living in Cd. Acuna, Mexico near the border with Del Rio, Texas."

      "In 2009, the boy started playing football when he six.  The next season, in 2010, there were not enough kids to complete the minimum player requirement to participate in the football league.  We decided to ask the little girl, Sarely, if she wanted to play football with her brother until more kids participated, and she said yes."

      "That year she became an official defensive/offensive tackle.  Even when little Sarely wore a cheerleader uniform, she wanted 100% to be a football player!   The “Vaqueros” team became the 2010 season Champions, and won again in 2013."

      Sarely in action on the field. Sarely in action on the field (right side - jersey #1).

      "As of today, after four final and two championship seasons, Sarely is playing her last season on the team, still as an offensive and defensive tackle.  She literally takes down quarterbacks!  She is respected and loved by the league because of her job on the field."

      "The recognition is because Sarely is strong and sweet at the same time.  She is an exceptional player and this is a goodbye present to this great player.  She is #1!"

      Read her full story in the local newspaper (in Spanish) here!

      She may be the only girl, but she's one of the best! She may be the only girl, but that doesn't stop her from being the best!

      I love this story because it shows that Sarely is not only Player #1 on the field, as her jersey says, but also #1 in the hearts of the team and the community!

      Wow what an inspiration this young lady is and I wish her nothing but the best in her bright future!  I'm proud that we can play a small part in this inspirational story!

      Cheers, Jessica

    • New Trophies2Go Website

      Introducing Our New and Improved Trophies2Go Website!

      The BIG DAY has finally arrived...our website has launched! After a year of planning, meeting, taking pictures, writing code, editing products, importing orders, it all culminates to LAUNCH! To say we are excited is an understatement!

      Moving the Trophies2Go website to a new ecommerce platform is one of the biggest undertakings our company has completed. And finally, we can share it with you, our customers! Our hope is that this new website offers a faster, easier, and positive shopping experience.

      What Does Our New Site Offer?

      Our new homepage! Our new homepage!

      Better Pictures.  Check out our beautiful, high resolution product photos with the ability to hover over the picture to see greater detail.

      Quick Ship Items. Need something fast? We have lots of options with only one day production time!

      Custom Products. For the first time, we are offering custom products on our website. From medals to acrylic awards featuring your logo, we will be able to make a unique award just for you.  Check out all of the new products here.

      Real Time Inventory.  Put an award in your cart and you can see exactly when it will be shipped to you.  If we have it in stock, we will get it out the door!

      Live Chat. Live chat is another way to get the great customer service you expect from Trophies2Go. Speak with one of our friendly customer service team anytime – via phone, email or live chat. They are here to help!

      Check out our new site now and see the improvements for yourself! I invite you to visit, poke around, and check out our free shipping, expedited production times, and other benefits.

      If you have any comments about the new site, Jeff and I would love to hear them. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or comment below. Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to serving you soon!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Making Sports Trophies Meaningful

      Right now, our shelves are full of trophies and awards that will be handed out to deserving kids for a great fall sports season. Most of the kids will be excited to get their trophies, but will they like them in a year? What makes a trophy have meaning over time? The things that count are (1) what the award represents and (2) how it is presented to the player.

      Make Your Award Meaningful

      Even though we are a trophy and awards company, don’t give out awards if they aren’t meaningful. It gives our industry a bad rap.

      1st Place Trophy My daughter being congratulated by her teacher for her first place win.

      For example, my daughter’s dance team didn’t do as well as they hoped at a competition last year, yet everyone received a trophy. My daughter was extremely mad at the trophy; she said it didn’t represent anything, and she didn’t want anything to do with it. In the long run, I think the trophy made her feel worse than if she hadn’t received anything at all.

      However, my other daughter competed in a dance competition and received 1st place in her division. Places 1st thru 3rd received medals, but she was the only dancer in her division who received a trophy. Those awards, including her medals, are given a place of honor in my daughter’s room, as she feels extremely proud to have won them. My bet is that she will save that 1st place trophy forever.

      A trophy or award isn’t inherently meaningful. It is plastic, wood or metal in a colorful shape with some engraved words on it. What makes it meaningful is what the trophy represents.

      For a younger child receiving a participation trophy, it’s a symbol for the season – the games played, the skills learned, the friendships forged. For the parents, it’s the hours endured driving to practices and games, watching your beloved child win or lose, happiness and tears shed. Participation trophies represent a season passed, and that memory is what can motivate a child to continue playing the game in the future.

      As the child gets older, they may stop receiving participation trophies, because they aren’t as meaningful as when they were younger. Instead, older players get tournament trophies for winning – their division, their league or being the MVP of their team. At this phase in their sports career, accomplishments, such as overcoming an injury, beating worthy opponents, and being the best are what make a sports trophy meaningful. These trophies can become cherished items that last a lifetime, as they become mementos of glory.

      How to Present a Trophy in a Meaningful Way

      Whether it’s a participation trophy or the State Championship, the same elements go into making a sports award meaningful. Praise, recognition, and words of affirmation are what should be expressed. Here are some tips of what to say and how to say it:

      Coach Jeff Coach Jeff and Coach Mike present a trophy to one of their softball players.

      1. Come from the coach. Meaningful praise from a mentoring coach lasts a lifetime.

      2. Prepare. Spend some time thinking about the highs and lows of the season, and what each player contributed to make it memorable. Have the trophy presenter write down his or her thoughts ahead of time.

      3. Have a ceremony. Whether it’s on the field, at a player’s home, at a pizza parlor, or at an awards banquet, have the coach stand in front of the group and individually call each player to receive their award.

      4. Recap the season. Before handing out the trophies, talk about where the team started and where they are now. Briefly hit the highs and lows of the season.

      5. Tell a personal story about each player. Talk about their strengths, specifically how they added to the team or their most memorable moment of the season. Then have the player receive their award and shake the coach’s hand.

      6. Write it down. If you really want to make it meaningful, have the coach or presenter write down their praise about the player. Then the player or their parents can put it in a scrapbook to remember for years to come.

      Don’t let the trophy you buy be a dust collector. Let it represent something great. Buy it for the right reason in the first place, and then put some thought into how you can capture the meaning around it through words of praise. That is what transforms a sports trophy into a cherished keepsake.

      Cheers, Jessica

    • Q4 'Awards For A Cause' Charity - Hopelink

      How do we give back to our community? Each quarter, our staff chooses a charity to support through our 'Awards for A Cause' program. For Q4 2014, we have chosen Hopelink as the program recipient.

      What is Hopelink?

      Hopelink is our Q4 'Awards for a Cause' Charity. Hopelink is our Q4 'Awards for a Cause' Charity.

      Since 1971, Hopelink has served homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. Their mission is to promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community; they help people make lasting change.

      Hopelink emergency service centers are located in Bellevue, Kirkland/Northshore, Redmond, Shoreline and Sno-Valley. See the areas of service they serve.

      Hopelink is funded by diverse sources including public and private foundations, United Way, government support and by donations from individuals, organizations and corporations in the community. Hopelink runs efficiently by keeping expenses low. With administrative costs at only eight percent of the budget, a full 92% of financial support goes directly to helping families in crisis and preventing homelessness.For more about Hopelink, visit

      Trophies2Go will make a donation to the Hopelink based on selected product purchases. To see the trophies and awards that will benefit the charity go to our 'Awards for a Cause' page.

      Thank you customers for supporting worthwhile charities in our community by purchasing 'Awards for a Cause' products!

      Cheers, Jessica

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