Customer Story - #1 Female Football Player

    Sarely's award Sarely's award for years of contribution to her team.

    Sometimes customers send us inspirational stories that I just want to share with everyone!

    Read about this awesome young football player, Sarely, who was recently honored for her contribution to her youth football league.

    Thank you customer Guadalupe V. for sharing this story with us!

    Read Sarely's Story:

    football_twinsSarely Cheer She may be a cheerleader, but her heart is 100% football player!

    "There are boy and girl twins, now 11 years old, living in Cd. Acuna, Mexico near the border with Del Rio, Texas."

    "In 2009, the boy started playing football when he six.  The next season, in 2010, there were not enough kids to complete the minimum player requirement to participate in the football league.  We decided to ask the little girl, Sarely, if she wanted to play football with her brother until more kids participated, and she said yes."

    "That year she became an official defensive/offensive tackle.  Even when little Sarely wore a cheerleader uniform, she wanted 100% to be a football player!   The “Vaqueros” team became the 2010 season Champions, and won again in 2013."

    Sarely in action on the field. Sarely in action on the field (right side - jersey #1).

    "As of today, after four final and two championship seasons, Sarely is playing her last season on the team, still as an offensive and defensive tackle.  She literally takes down quarterbacks!  She is respected and loved by the league because of her job on the field."

    "The recognition is because Sarely is strong and sweet at the same time.  She is an exceptional player and this is a goodbye present to this great player.  She is #1!"

    Read her full story in the local newspaper (in Spanish) here!

    She may be the only girl, but she's one of the best! She may be the only girl, but that doesn't stop her from being the best!

    I love this story because it shows that Sarely is not only Player #1 on the field, as her jersey says, but also #1 in the hearts of the team and the community!

    Wow what an inspiration this young lady is and I wish her nothing but the best in her bright future!  I'm proud that we can play a small part in this inspirational story!

    Cheers, Jessica

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