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    • Unique, Meaningful & Personalized Wedding Gifts

      In this fast-paced, high tech time, it's refreshing to see a clock in a home or office. In this fast-paced, high tech time, it's refreshing to see a clock in a home or office.

      Summer is wedding season and it's always a challenge to find a meaningful gift for the bride and groom.  Of course you can always choose an item from their registry, but sometimes you want to give something different, more sentimental with uniqueness and personalization, that they will cherish for years to come.  Personalized Clocks make the perfect gift of time for newlyweds, along with couples celebrating anniversaries.

      Why a Clock is the Perfect Gift

      When everyone has the time on their phone, computer, tablet, and Apple Watch, why would anyone want an old school clock?

      The answer to why a clock is a great gift lies in that very question. A traditional clock, once a staple in every kitchen, living room, and office, is now a rare sight in many homes. It’s presence on a feature wall or mantle is notable, distinct, and often a focal or conversation point.

      What makes our clocks special is they are both functional and beautiful.  Custom clock engraving makes the clock especially personal and a reminder of their special day.  The clock becomes a symbol of enduring love, an heirloom to be admired for a lifetime.

      This stunning crystal clock makes a lovely display piece in any home. This stunning crystal clock makes a lovely display piece.

      Our personalized clocks are masterfully crafted and precision engraved, sure to delight the couple.  In a wide range of styles, there's a personalized clock in every price range.  Below are some of our most popular options for a customized wedding or anniversary gift.

      1.  Our Gears and Cogs Personalized Clock is one of our best sellers, large, impressive and diverse enough to fit almost any home.  With a modern design, skeleton face, and silver accents, this is a great choice for a young couple.

      2.  The Transparent Crystal Clock with Gears is a beautiful crystal showpiece sure to impress your couple.  Again with the skeleton face, your personalized engraving is delicately etched directly onto the front of the clock.

      3.  For a couple who loves reading or academics, our popular Personalized Rosewood Book Clock is a great choice. With traditional styling, it looks terrific displayed on a bookshelf with a library.

      4.  Extremely affordable, the Silver Glass Personalized Alarm Clock is probably our best-selling clock.  Under $25, with clean lines and elegant styling, you would never know what a great value it is!  Just like every clock we offer, it includes personalized engraving for free.

      Our personalized clocks also make great favors for weddings as well.  When I married years ago, I gave my bridal party each a small personalized clock to put on their nightstand or dresser to thank them for participating in our special day!

      Enjoy the festivities and a summer of love!



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    • Hosting a Great BBQ Cook-Off!

      For a fun entertaining idea this summer, host a cook-off! Friendly competition, especially involving food, is always a good time! With a little planning ahead of time, you can relax at a stress-free event. Here are some tips to get the party started.

      1. Invite a good mix of people – those who love to make BBQ and those who love to eat it!

      These Stars & Stripes serving dishes make your Fourth of July BBQ theme complete! These Stars & Stripes serving dishes from Sur la Table make your Fourth of July BBQ theme complete!

      2. Theme – A great theme sets the stage for an awesome party. Choose something summer related, such as 4th of July, Luau, or Beach theme, or you can choose your favorite BBQ to feature. Ribs? Chicken? Brisket? Your theme is the star of the party that you can use as a jumping off point for your music, decorations, and side dishes, so put some thought into making it a good one.

      3. Music - Create an iTunes or Spotify playlist of your favorite summer jams to keep the party vibes going all day long. Don’t just stick to one genre of music – mix it up with some country, pop, oldies, rap and dance. As long as it’s upbeat, your tunes will keep the energy up and the party pumping!

      4. Decorations – Let your theme be your guide! Table cloths, streamers, plates, centerpieces are all fun, inexpensive ways to deck out your space. Check out Pinterest for inspiration! For even more fun, consider creating a photo booth with props related to your theme. Then your guests can share on social and remember the fun after the fact!

      Keep thirst under control with delicious drinks at your event! Keep thirst under control with delicious drinks at your event!

      5. Bevys - Offer lots of beverages to rinse the palate and stay hydrated! Consider making a signature cocktail to match your theme. Or buckets of beer on ice is always popular and easy! For non-alcoholic drinks, a big container of lemonade hits the spot. And don’t forget the water!!! Stumped for ideas? Check out this list of 25 Essential Cocktails.

      6. Awards! To add hype to the completion, don’t forget the awards! Engrave some BBQ cookoff awards such as the Barbecue Magic Trophy Award or BBQ Cookoff Chef Trophy with your event name, theme and winning category. Or get creative with your own joke trophies, such as the Victorious Hulk, Gut bomb trophy, or a dead last toilet trophy for the last place finisher!

      7. Make sure you have a plan for people who have a little too much fun at the party. Assign a designated driver to taxi your guests home. Uber is also a great option for getting your guests home safely.

      Make it a summer to remember by hosting an epic BBQ cook off, full of good food, drinks, music, competition, and memories!

      Cheers, Jessica

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