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    Nik Meller Interview Check out our video interview with Nik Meller

    Imagery.  That's the inspiration for Nik Meller's line of designer Crystal Awards.  Whether the deep blue waters of the ocean, the clear blue sky above the Alps, a bee's honeycomb, or a spider's intricate web, Nik uses nature's architecture as the foundation of his designs. An international furniture designer and artist, Nik has lived around the world and uses his experience to inspire his creativity.  His work is infused with artisty that comes from a global perspective yet appreciation for the world's beauty.

    See Nik's collection of crystal sculptures here.

    Video interview with Chien Wang of Toujours awards Click here for our video interview with Chien.

    Fashion.  That's the inspiration for Chien J. Wang's collection.  Chien's story begins in Taipei, Taiwan, where his father worked for a textile mill.  Young Chien saw all of the latest fashions before they went to market, and he dreamed of one day becoming  a fashion designer.

    After immigrating to the US at 11 years old, Chien worked hard , studied business at USC, and opened his first awards company at age 22.  Not until age 40 did he begin designing crystal awards.  The market had gone stale and lacked originality.  Using his fashion design aesthetic, he began creating awards that elicit an emotional connection; you either love them or not.  His designs appeal to a more sophisticated customer, interested in awards that make a design statement.

    See Chien's Collection of fashion forward designs here.

    We are proud to offer such beautiful and artistic awards to our customers!

    Cheers, Jessica

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