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    • 6 Ideas For Your Oscar Party

      Celebrate Oscar Sunday!

      Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas for your Oscar Party. Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas!

      Are you a fan of the big screen, watching every nominated film?  If so, you won't want to miss the 89th Annual Academy Awards , also knows as the Oscars!  This star-studded event takes place in Los Angeles on Sunday February 26 at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific Time.

      Why should movie stars have all the fun?  Consider hosting an Oscars Party with your family and friends and make it a celebration with the stars in your life!

      Party Ideas

      1.  Invitations:  If you have the time, make your own invitations with a red carpet or old Hollywood theme.  If you want to purchase premade invitations, many party stores offer options, as well as Etsy.  If you want to email your invites, evite has some cute and easy choices as well - click here to view.

      2.  Attire:  Since the Oscars are THE fashion event of the year, host your own catwalk by having your guests dress in finery.  OR have everyone be a critic with the worst fashion faux-pas!  Have your guests vote on their favorites!

      3.  Décor:  At the door, roll out the Red Carpet for your guests; they will feel like stars when they enter your party!  Consider having a camera on hand to snap pictures for your own paparazzi, or a Dolby Theater photo booth with lots of props, such as boas and top hats, for social sharing.

      Red roses with gold vases along with small candles are the perfect decorations for an Oscar Party. Red roses with gold vases along with small candles are the perfect decorations for an Oscar Party.

      For other decorating ideas, consider red flowers in gold vases, gold accent pieces such as runners, trays and napkins, and ample candlelight.  Small golden-tone votives set the feel of old Hollywood charm in a festive atmosphere. Old filmstrip reels make great props too.

      4.  Drinks:  Get inspired by the silver screen and feature delicious cocktails from famous movies.  The most notable are Vodka Martinis from James Bond movies, White Russians from The Big Lebowski, and Cosmopolitans from Sex and the City.

      Depending on the drink you choose, dress it up with ultra cool glasses.  Barware with sparkling gold accents look festive for a glam night.  Crate and Barrel have some great options - the Gala Double Old-Fashioned and the Mingle Bar Glass.  So pretty!

      5.  Games:  Consider hosting a pool, where guests pick the winners and contribute a small amount of money, which is then awarded to the winner.  Or create "Oscar Bingo" with fun things to look for throughout the show.

      One of our most popular trophies, perfect for an Oscar Party! One of our most popular trophies, perfect for an Oscar Party!

      6.  Trophies:  Did you know that the famous Oscar Statuette is made in Chicago by one of our suppliers, RS Owens?  Even though this iconic trophy is trademarked and cannot be duplicated, we offer many similar looking Achievement Trophies  for our customers, the most popular of which is the Large Male Achievement Trophy.

      As seen in People Magazine, our Small Male Achievement Trophy makes an affordable accessory for your Oscar party and will impress all of your friends.  Host a contest and give it to your winner or use as a decoration to make your party even more festive!  Or put two back to back on your table for the perfect centerpiece.

      For even more ideas, check out our pinterest page Oscar Party Ideas. In closing, I'd like to thank the Academy for giving me an excuse to throw a party!

      Editor's Note: This post was originally published on February 10th, 2015.  It has been updated for content.

      Cheers, Jessica

    • 2017 Awards and Personalization Association Trade Show

      Last week Tom and I attended the 2017 Awards and Personalization Association (APA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. The awards industry's biggest event, it gives awards retailers like us the chance to meet with our trophy manufacturers and reps face-to-face. Industry leaders from across the country meet to network, receive education through seminars, and touch and feel the newest award products. There is even an achievement gala where the best in the awards industry is recognized with The Gold Obelisk Industry Awards!

      Highlights of the Show

      New premium art glass pieces from Crystal Blanc.

      New Products:  We will be adding many new products this spring to our website!  Watch for Polar Camel tumblers, similar to Yeti travel mugs, perpetual crystal awards, new colorful art glass awards, acrylic perpetual plaques, and fantasy football championship rings, to name a few.

      Education: The APA tradeshow offers interesting and informative education seminars for it's members.  Experts in different facets of the awards industry present on a wide range of topics, from technical training on how to operate equipment and software, to growing sales in your business.  One seminar I attended, given by Sam Varn, was about using licensed logos on awards.  It is quite a process to become registered to use trademark logos, so it was very interesting to learn exactly how to do it and the legality involved.

      CB dinner Thank you to Victor and Larry from Crystal Blanc for the best meal in Vegas!

      Meeting Suppliers: We had great conversations with all of our key suppliers, including Kathy and Greg from Tropar Manufacturing, our 2016 Vendor of the Year, Casey, Erick, Matt & Armando from Simba Cal, Jody and Mike from JDS Industries, Dan from Western Trophy & Sign Supply, Lily from Topmost World, and Chien from Toujours. A big thank you for Larry and Victor from Crystal Blanc for a delicious Italian dinner, Grazie!

      Networking with Competitors: Yes, we all own awards businesses, and we are technically in competition with each other. But because our industry is so small, and what we do is positive, we have a very supportive and helpful community. The phrase "A rising tide floats all boats" seems to apply in our industry, as when recognition across the country grows, so does our sales. Each awards company seems to occupy an unique niche market so there is business for all.

      After Hours:  Since it's Vegas, there's lots of opportunity to have fun with friends!  After attending the show for many years and having my hubby Jeff serve on the APA board, many of my suppliers and competitors are dear friends that I only see once a year.  It's fun to go out on the town with them and make memories!

      ARIEF Scholarship: Tom's son Joe was awarded one of the industry's student scholarships.  Once announced by the APA, I will be writing an additional post about his award.  Congrats Joe!

      Thank you to the APA board members, committee members, and staff for putting on a great show this year.  See you all in 2018!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Trophies2Go's 2016 'Customer of the Year'

      Each year, the staff at Trophies2Go nominates and then votes on a Supplier of the Year, Product of the Year, and Customer of the Year.

      Congrats to our 2016 'Customer of the Year'!

      Today's blog post celebrates the winner of 'Trophies2Go's 2016 Customer of the Year', Erica Ayou-Villa from Cambro Manufacturing! Based in California, Erica is our first Customer of the Year winner who orders from us exclusively online, as all other past winners have been local customers from the Seattle area.

      Erica was nominated by our Customer Service/Engraver Mike, who said: "Erica is easy to work with and accepting of our ideas. She is realistic on time frames for special products and is organized about the information she sends to us."

      Also our Laser Engraver/Graphic Artist Lori commented about Erica: "She has been ordering from us for quite a while; she is easy to work with and very agreeable!"

      We supply Cambro's Super Star Sales Awards, including award plaques, acrylic awards, and art glass awards.

      Thank you Erica and Cambro Manufacturing for being an outstanding Trophies2Go customer!

      Cheers! Jessica

    • Need Help? Engraving Ideas for Corporate Awards Here!

      For A Loss for Words, We Have Engraving Ideas!

      Need to order awards but not sure what the message should be?  You want to recognize someone special, but just don't know where to begin. Below are ideas of text you can add to your Corporate Awards.

      General Tips for the Message

      This sublimated plaque features the full color Waste Management logo with special message.
      • Keep in mind that your recipient's award will be displayed forever; make your message stand out.
      • Make sure it reflects what they are being recognized for.
      • Keep it short, sweet and clever.
      • Having a sense of humor is fine, but make it tasteful if you go this route.
      • Read your text out loud before printing it on the gift.
      • Always include the date or year the award is presented
      • Wording will normally be centered, unless you specify otherwise.
      • Include your company’s logo if possible.
      • Use a motivational quote that is meaningful to your company or the individual.

      Here are a few wording examples for various types of awards.

      A Typical Engraving Format:

      Name of the Award - (ex. President's Award)

      Recipient's Name - In CAPS (ex. MIKE EVANS)

      Accomplishment or Reason for the Award - (ex: "In recognition of your tireless dedication to the staff and customers at Trophies2Go. Your work ethic, passion and humor are an example to all.")

      Date - (ex 2016)

      Company Name - (Trophies2Go)

      Department or Division if applicable - (Customer Service)

      Service Awards

      In Appreciation of

      Twenty Years


      Outstanding and Loyal Service

      to XYZ Widget Company


      The difference between success and

      Failure is often determined by one's dedication.

      Your undying commitment

      To our company's success has

      Earned you our highest esteem.


      In Grateful Appreciation For Your

      Outstanding & Dedicated Service

      To The People in Your Community

      Leadership Awards



      Jamba Juice


      YOU ARE THE #1 BOSS!

      Sales Awards

      In Recognition of Your

      Outstanding Sales Performance

      in Selling the Greatest Number of

      Licenses in 2017


      Congratulations On Attaining 125%

      Of Your Sales Goal for 2017


      Liberty Company









      Safety Awards






      August 2016


      In Recognition of Your

      Outstanding Efforts in Keeping

      Our Systems Operational

      24x7x365 in 2017

      My most important tip? Spend some time on the wording, as this message will last. The recipient has done something wonderful for your company or organization. Make it meaningful. Speak from the heart.



    • 2016 Product of the Year, Championship Replica Fantasy Football Trophy

      An Awesome Replica!

      Our Replica Fantasy Football Trophy is a best seller, any winner would be proud to display! Our Replica Fantasy Football Trophy is a best seller, any winner would be proud to display!

      The Championship Replica Fantasy Football Trophy was designed by our team at Trophies2Go and is a best seller!  Nominated by our engraver Paul, he chose this award because of the high quality, the unique exclusive design, and great value.

      Our Championship Replica is made of heavy resin with a brushed pewter finish, The two sizes feature a triangle tower with a football at the top. An engraved black aluminum plate is customized with three lines of text.

      Here's what customers had to say about our 2016 Product of the Year:

      “Another awesome trophy from a great company.”

      “Good product for the price”

      “I love the look and the size of the trophy”

      Thank you to our vendor JDS Industries who creates this custom award exclusively for Trophies2Go!

      For past Product of the Year winners, check out our 2012 Monster Trophies, 2013 Honey Badger Trophy, 2014 Swirl Egg Art Glass award and 2015 Waterford Cut Acrylic Award!

      Cheers! Jessica

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