2012 Supplier of the Year – JDS Industries

    As part of our Recognition Program, each December we recognize a Supplier, Product, and Customer of the Year.  This post will discuss the winner of our 2012 Supplier of the Year – JDS Industries.

    We are lucky to have many fantastic suppliers that create all of our high quality trophies and awards. Without their excellent products and great customer service, we would not be in business! So you can imagine what a hard decision choosing this award was for us.

    We used guidelines to decide the award. The criteria for choosing the winner included…

    Do they have high quality and/or good value products?

    Are they consistent and reliable, with a good return policy?

    Is the delivery time acceptable?

    Do they provide us with competitive pricing? Do they offer good payment terms?

    Is the company easy to deal with? Will they stand behind their products and word of their people?

    Using this criteria, our staff nominated their favorite supplier, and the winner was chosen by Jeff, our President.

    The winner of our 2012 Supplier of the Year is JDS industries, located in Sioux Falls, SD. We offer many of their awards to our customers. My personal favorite of their awards is the Circle Crystal Award. We also contracted JDS to create our newest exclusive award, The Honey Badger. They helped us come up with the critter’s design and produced them for us in their factory.

    We also enjoy working with the friendly, efficient and knowledgeable JDS staff. Joe, our JDS sales representative, visits us at least twice a year to make sure we have everything we need to be successful in the Awards and Recognition Industry. He gives us tips and ideas to be more successful and always recommends products without being pushy. He’s a great guy to work with!

    Even though JDS has great products and nice people, many of our other suppliers have the same thing. It’s their local Distribution Center that sets them apart. About a year ago, JDS opened a new Distribution Center about 5 miles from our Production Facility, where all of our trophies and awards are made. It’s extremely convenient to drive to the nearby JDS warehouse to pick up any product that we need for customer orders. This helps us keep our production time to 3 days, and ensures our Production Time Guarantee. By getting needed products and parts so quickly, we make sure that our orders are engraved, assembled, and shipped in time for customers’ events.

    JDS really has their act together and this makes our lives much easier! Thank you, JDS, and all of our suppliers for your service to Trophies2Go!



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