2017 Awards and Personalization Association Trade Show

    Last week Tom and I attended the 2017 Awards and Personalization Association (APA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. The awards industry's biggest event, it gives awards retailers like us the chance to meet with our trophy manufacturers and reps face-to-face. Industry leaders from across the country meet to network, receive education through seminars, and touch and feel the newest award products. There is even an achievement gala where the best in the awards industry is recognized with The Gold Obelisk Industry Awards!

    Highlights of the Show

    New premium art glass pieces from Crystal Blanc.

    New Products:  We will be adding many new products this spring to our website!  Watch for Polar Camel tumblers, similar to Yeti travel mugs, perpetual crystal awards, new colorful art glass awards, acrylic perpetual plaques, and fantasy football championship rings, to name a few.

    Education: The APA tradeshow offers interesting and informative education seminars for it's members.  Experts in different facets of the awards industry present on a wide range of topics, from technical training on how to operate equipment and software, to growing sales in your business.  One seminar I attended, given by Sam Varn, was about using licensed logos on awards.  It is quite a process to become registered to use trademark logos, so it was very interesting to learn exactly how to do it and the legality involved.

    CB dinner Thank you to Victor and Larry from Crystal Blanc for the best meal in Vegas!

    Meeting Suppliers: We had great conversations with all of our key suppliers, including Kathy and Greg from Tropar Manufacturing, our 2016 Vendor of the Year, Casey, Erick, Matt & Armando from Simba Cal, Jody and Mike from JDS Industries, Dan from Western Trophy & Sign Supply, Lily from Topmost World, and Chien from Toujours. A big thank you for Larry and Victor from Crystal Blanc for a delicious Italian dinner, Grazie!

    Networking with Competitors: Yes, we all own awards businesses, and we are technically in competition with each other. But because our industry is so small, and what we do is positive, we have a very supportive and helpful community. The phrase "A rising tide floats all boats" seems to apply in our industry, as when recognition across the country grows, so does our sales. Each awards company seems to occupy an unique niche market so there is business for all.

    After Hours:  Since it's Vegas, there's lots of opportunity to have fun with friends!  After attending the show for many years and having my hubby Jeff serve on the APA board, many of my suppliers and competitors are dear friends that I only see once a year.  It's fun to go out on the town with them and make memories!

    ARIEF Scholarship: Tom's son Joe was awarded one of the industry's student scholarships.  Once announced by the APA, I will be writing an additional post about his award.  Congrats Joe!

    Thank you to the APA board members, committee members, and staff for putting on a great show this year.  See you all in 2018!

    Cheers! Jessica

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    • Lee McCubbin CRM

      Hello Jessica,

      Thank you for posting this link and sharing your thoughts with all of us! I enjoyed it very much! I do believe that we all look forward to our getting back together in Vegas! Nothing beats the face to face contact. I know that my Jeff, and I, have begun to travel to some of the regional shows APA is putting on as well. It gives us more time to spend with those we generally only see once a year and we can get some education completed at those so we don't have as many tough choices to make in February!

      I guess we will be in PA again this fall. I do hope these efforts prove to benefit our suppliers and manufacturers and continue to increase our membership. We met our goal this year and I look forward to learning from, and about, all our new members and their specialties. See you in Las Vegas in 2018 if not before.

      Cheers to you too! Lee


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