5 Key People to Help a New Business Owner

    Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water with business tasks!

    In college, a long time ago, I studied Fisheries at the University of Washington and learned about salmon spawning habitat, riparian corridors, water quality, and other environmental-related topics.  You may think this was a random major of study, but it came in handy when my girls were in elementary school and also when gardening (I have been a Master Gardener since 2003).  However, around two years ago, when I started transitioning into running Trophies2Go.

    As Jeff spent more time on his new business venture, I began slowly taking over Jeff's tasks at Trophies2Go.  I started by completing the KPIs each week, including accessing Google Analytics.  Next I began writing business checks out of our accounting software, being aware of GL codes, credits and debits (huh?). But phrases like Costs of Goods Sold, Balance Sheet, P&L were still completely foreign to me.

    For existing business owners, these financial terms are probably no big deal.  But for someone without any business knowledge, it's a challenge.  There's so much to learn, but I couldn't do it without key people.

    5 Key People who help me run my business

    1. A great business coach.  My coach Curt LeMaster at Key Business Solutions started the process with teaching me how to define my core values and how to write a business plan.  He also taught me about inventory management, inventory turns, and Cost of Goods Sold.  A very solid beginning.

    2.  A patient bookkeeper.  When I don't know how to use our software, our bookkeeper Jeanine patiently teaches me what to do.  And when I mess up (which is often) she makes it right without complaint.

    2.  An even more patient business partner.  Tom's background is in banking and management (he used to run bank branches for goodness sake!) so he has a much better handle on financial matters than me.  He monitors our checking account multiple times a day, does the cash flow dance, and seems quite confident when I haven't a clue.  I'm grateful for his skills, especially since I lack them!

    4. A business smarty pants husband.  Jeff knows his stuff, is an extremely talented entrepreneur and has a million resources when I get into a bind.  I guess 23 years of running a business has it's perks, which is extremely helpful to a newbie like me.

    5. Understanding staff.  They get that I'm new at running a business and when I don't have the answers, they either help me or are patient while I figure it out.

    At some point the shit got real and I realized this is MY business and it has gotta start with me.  I have to put myself out there to learn new things, which is really uncomfortable, humbling and challenging.  But I can feel myself growing which is extremely exciting!

    If you are considering starting/buying/running a business and don't know what you are doing, you aren't going to learn unless you go for it.  You gotta dive into the deep end and learn to swim.  What are you waiting for?  Good Luck!



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