5 Ways Reviews Are Important

    I have noticed that my purchasing strategies have changed over the last several years.  Maybe yours have too.  Not necessarily what I purchase, but how.  I've always believed in the power of a good review (or a bad one).  Bad reviews can be like wildfire...spreading and causing damage before you even know they exist.  But if someone goes out of their way to tell me about a good experience they had, I want to see for myself what it's all about.  The fact that all this is done so publicly now on the Internet and social media makes it even more powerful.

    Online reviews help me shop faster and smarter. Online reviews help me shop faster and smarter.

    Here's what I see:

    1)  I spend time researching a product or service online before I engage with a company who can provide that product or service.  I'm sure you do this too.  It helps me to have a better conversation with the provider.  And it helps me to decide that I am, in fact, talking with the right/best provider.

    2)  I say I spend time researching, but in reality, I don't have the time to do the research thoroughly.  So I depend on the opinions of others.  This alone isn't new. What's new is that I depend on the opinions of strangers.  If you've checked on those cool little gold stars on a product review then you are helping me with my research.  Thank you.  If I see more than one option for what I'm looking for, and they are very similar, I'm going with the one with more stars.  Pretty simple.

    3)  I find that I am more likely to read the comments and reviews first.  Then if those sound pretty good I'll go back and read the detailed product descriptions.  As an example, I like to read, but I don't like to pick out my next book.  I use my friends on Goodreads or Facebook to tell me what to read next.  If they've read it and given it a good review, then I'll probably like it to.  And if others have checked that they thought the review was 'helpful' then even better.

    4)  On the other hand, if I find something that looks good but I don't see any comments or reviews entered for it, I will probably just keep looking.

    5)  I love the social aspect of shopping online.  I see my friends putting a question out to all their Social Media friends.  Something like, 'I'm looking for a new roof.  Are you happy with your roof company?'  Again, this isn't new.  We have always asked our friends for suggestions like this.  The difference is that now you can have 5 answers in just a few minutes without even picking up the phone.

    So, after thinking about all this I decided to re-read some of the comments we have received and share them with you.  We send an email to all our customers a few weeks after their order to give them a chance to review our products and our service.  Here's a few of my recent favorites:

    This trophy turned out fabulous! The online ordering process was easy and the delivery time was fast! Trophy looks great!!! Very pleased and will be definitely use Trophies2Go in the future!

    I have been ordering this trophy for several years as the prize in a competition. Each year the winners are so impressed by the beauty and quality of the trophy, as am I. Excellent service!

    I have purchased awards related to my work several times from Trophies2Go. I am always pleased, but this glass award exceeded my expectations. It is very beautiful.

    I was surprised and very pleased with the ease of online ordering and quick turnaround time of both responses and shipping of finished product which turned out to be a well-crafted and beautiful parting gift for a well-respected fellow professional from all of us…Arrived intact, well insulated, and in excellent condition sooner than expected!

    These reviews would make me more interested in the products.  How about you?  Bottom line, keep the reviews coming.  Thanks for helping me shop!!



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