6 Ideas For Your Oscar Party

    Celebrate Oscar Sunday!

    Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas for your Oscar Party. Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas!

    Are you a fan of the big screen, watching every nominated film?  If so, you won't want to miss the 89th Annual Academy Awards , also knows as the Oscars!  This star-studded event takes place in Los Angeles on Sunday February 26 at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific Time.

    Why should movie stars have all the fun?  Consider hosting an Oscars Party with your family and friends and make it a celebration with the stars in your life!

    Party Ideas

    1.  Invitations:  If you have the time, make your own invitations with a red carpet or old Hollywood theme.  If you want to purchase premade invitations, many party stores offer options, as well as Etsy.  If you want to email your invites, evite has some cute and easy choices as well - click here to view.

    2.  Attire:  Since the Oscars are THE fashion event of the year, host your own catwalk by having your guests dress in finery.  OR have everyone be a critic with the worst fashion faux-pas!  Have your guests vote on their favorites!

    3.  Décor:  At the door, roll out the Red Carpet for your guests; they will feel like stars when they enter your party!  Consider having a camera on hand to snap pictures for your own paparazzi, or a Dolby Theater photo booth with lots of props, such as boas and top hats, for social sharing.

    Red roses with gold vases along with small candles are the perfect decorations for an Oscar Party. Red roses with gold vases along with small candles are the perfect decorations for an Oscar Party.

    For other decorating ideas, consider red flowers in gold vases, gold accent pieces such as runners, trays and napkins, and ample candlelight.  Small golden-tone votives set the feel of old Hollywood charm in a festive atmosphere. Old filmstrip reels make great props too.

    4.  Drinks:  Get inspired by the silver screen and feature delicious cocktails from famous movies.  The most notable are Vodka Martinis from James Bond movies, White Russians from The Big Lebowski, and Cosmopolitans from Sex and the City.

    Depending on the drink you choose, dress it up with ultra cool glasses.  Barware with sparkling gold accents look festive for a glam night.  Crate and Barrel have some great options - the Gala Double Old-Fashioned and the Mingle Bar Glass.  So pretty!

    5.  Games:  Consider hosting a pool, where guests pick the winners and contribute a small amount of money, which is then awarded to the winner.  Or create "Oscar Bingo" with fun things to look for throughout the show.

    One of our most popular trophies, perfect for an Oscar Party! One of our most popular trophies, perfect for an Oscar Party!

    6.  Trophies:  Did you know that the famous Oscar Statuette is made in Chicago by one of our suppliers, RS Owens?  Even though this iconic trophy is trademarked and cannot be duplicated, we offer many similar looking Achievement Trophies  for our customers, the most popular of which is the Large Male Achievement Trophy.

    As seen in People Magazine, our Small Male Achievement Trophy makes an affordable accessory for your Oscar party and will impress all of your friends.  Host a contest and give it to your winner or use as a decoration to make your party even more festive!  Or put two back to back on your table for the perfect centerpiece.

    For even more ideas, check out our pinterest page Oscar Party Ideas. In closing, I'd like to thank the Academy for giving me an excuse to throw a party!

    Editor's Note: This post was originally published on February 10th, 2015.  It has been updated for content.

    Cheers, Jessica

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