Trophies2Go 2012 Customer-of-the-Year

    We've been helping Yvette with recogntion since 2008.

    Congratulations to Yvette Smith with T-Mobile, our Customer-of-the-Year for 2012!

    At Issaquah Trophy & Awards / Trophies2Go we value our customers.

    We especially value customers who are positive, friendly, and fun to work with.  Each of us at Issaquah Trophy & Awards and Trophies2Go believes in the Power of Recognition and we love customers who understand the importance of recognition.

    We have been helping Yvette with her recognition needs at T-Mobile since early 2008.  As a company, T-Mobile believes strongly in recognition.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

    T-Mobile’s Award-Winning Culture

    “We're proud to be a company where shared values, teamwork, and dedication give every individual the opportunity to make a difference. We're also proud of our many “Best Place To Work” and “Top Employer” awards. These awards are made possible by the individual commitments of countless team members, working together to create a great work environment. Our employees deserve the recognition that comes with these awards, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to thank them and share these successes.”

    With this culture, it’s no wonder that they consistently earn Best Places to Work awards and World’s Most Ethical Companies awards.

    A big criterion for us in choosing our Customer-of-the-year is the fact that we look forward to working with them again.  We definitely look forward to working with Yvette, and chocolate helps!

    Congrats again to Yvette!

    Blessings, Anne

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