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    I have read a lot of articles about why it’s a good thing give employee rewards.  It’s harder now because manager's budgets are being cut, or they are stretched so thin they don’t have the time to recognize others.   On the other hand, employees feel insecure in their jobs and fear downsizing.  Recognizing employees would help them to feel valued and create a more productive and creative environment. It’s a vicious cycle.  The bottom line is, reward what you want repeated.

    If you want great effort, Reward Great Effort

    If you want creative ideas, Reward Creative Ideas

    If you want incredible customer service, Reward Incredible Customer Service

    Everyone wants to feel appreciated, that they did a great job.  Think about it.  The last time you were recognized, how did you feel?  Be honest.  Did you feel like doing more of the same so you could be rewarded again?  I did.

    There are many ways to give employee rewards.  At Trophies2Go.com we have many awards that will tell your employees that you appreciate their hard work.  Sometimes, it's an Employee-of-the-Month plaque.  Sometimes it's an acrylic award to recognize the end of a specific project or the launch of a new product.  Sometimes what you need is less formal, like a hand-written thank you note or a gift card to a favorite restaurant.  All types of recognition are important.

    Here are some ideas for Employee-of-the-Month,  Project Completion and  Product Launch.

    I also found a great book for ideas on more informal rewards, The 1001 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson, Ph. D.

    I'd love to hear some of your favorite ways to reward employees.  Please share in the comments!  Or you can share with us on Facebook.  Please 'Like' us while you are there.

    Blessings, Anne.

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