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    Ever consider having your fantasy football trophy travel from winner to winner each year?  Well this league takes their traveling trophy to the extreme!  Check out our customer Khadir's Fantasy Football Trophy story.  This gave Anne and I a really good laugh!  I hope you enjoy it and get ideas for your league.  Thanks for sharing Khadir!

    Khadir's Story:

    Hello Anne,

    "I saw the note about sharing our trophy story with you and so I decided to take you up on the offer since we love Trophies2Go.  I run a fantasy football league and about five years ago, I decided that our champion needed a trophy and that each year the champion's name should be engraved.  But for a little added flavor, I thought one of the "responsibilities" of being league champion should be to take a humorous picture with our trophy and share it with the league before turning the trophy over to the next winner.  We have had some great "pictures" over the years and it seems our league loves to take things over the top."

    joel trophy photo Joel in his "old man" attire with the Fantasy Football Trophy.

    "2006 - Our League Winner Joel decided that he was going to wear his "old man uniform" and take a picture with the young ladies at Hooters. (picture right)"

    "2007 - I (Khadir) won the league in 2007 and decided to step things up by making a short video showing all the fun the trophy and I had together. Here's the link "(And it's hilarious - from Jessica)

    "2008 -  Our league winner Malaki also decided to make a youtube video stating how the trophy doesn't travel too well and the winner of the trophy is actually cursed. True fact, in our league the winner of each year has always failed to make the playoffs the following year. Here is the video."

    Champion Guy Guy, the champion, stuck it to Joel, who hates the Texas Longhorns. Joel's daughters  are also pictured in Longhorn attire.

    "2009 - Guy was our winner, and his picture was actually the most "over the top" picture of all.  One of our members (Joel) is an avid hater of the Texas Longhorns football team while most of the league members are actually UT graduates.  After being frustrated by all of the continual griping about the Longhorns, Guy gets his revenge by flying across the country while Joel is out of town and taking a picture with the trophy and Joel's daughters dressed out in Longhorn paraphernalia. (picture right)"

    "Thank you for all of your excellent service and the great trophies!" Khadir R

    Thanks again Khadir! We love your sense of humor and the creativity in your league!  What a fun group.

    If you want to share the story of your trophy, we'd love to feature you on our blog and Facebook page.  Just email me at [email protected] or Anne at [email protected] and then either of us will take it from there!

    Cheers! Jessica

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