Guide to Humiliating Your Fantasy League Loser

    Humilating your loser is the one of the best parts of Fantasy Football!

    One way to ensure every player in your league 'brings it' for every game is to humiliate the worst team at the end of the season.

    When punishing your fantasy league loser, it can get brutal.  Here are some ideas of how to put your loser to shame this season.

    Guide to Humiliating Your Fantasy League Loser

    Re-Name the Loser's Team:  My husband's league renames the losing team "The Feltchers" - look it up on Urban Dictionary - for the entire next season.  Jeff got that name for two years in a was two LONGGGG seasons!

    The perfect loser's trophy for the team that sucks.

    Loser's Trophy at the Draft:  This includes presenting the worst team from last year a fantasy football loser trophy or maybe adding their name onto an existing perpetual loser's trophy, where it can last in infamy.  Get fantasy football loser trophies ideas here!

    Car Humiliation: Create a bumper sticker or license plate frame that they have to attach on their car or truck for all to see how much they suck at Fantasy Football.

    Jersey:  Make your loser buy and wear the jersey of their most hated team.  Have them wear it at the draft, the entire season, or at the Superbowl.

    Costumes: Have the loser wear a tutu and tiara at the draft, or make them wear a costume at a bar.

    Other Public Shaming: make them participate in Karaoke (where you choose the song) or an open mic night and prepare to laugh your ass off at them.

    Permanent Punishment:  Some leagues are super hard core and make losers get tattoos, belly button piercings, and other more permanent badges of shame.

    loser_license "I'm a Loser" license plate frame will let the whole world know how much the loser's team sucks.

    For even more ideas of how to embarrass your league loser, check out these links:

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    All the more reason to study up before the draft and set your team each week - not only to win the league, but to avoid being the WORST!  Here's to a great season!



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