Guy's Weekend Fantasy Football Draft

    If you're like my husband, you anticipate your fantasy football draft for the entire year.  Make the best day of the year even better by making it a guys weekend!  Combine your passion for fantasy football and an excuse to get together with the guys and make your fantasy football draft into an epic kick-off for the NFL season.

    Why a weekend away?

    Big Johnson League Last year's Big Johnson League draft.

    Guys you get the weekend off.  You can play golf, play cards, visit a casino, watch sports, and drink beer with your buddies.  Then your draft can go as long as you want, without worry about getting home, being responsible, or driving.  Be as loud and rowdy as you like, there's nobody to wake.

    It's good for the wives too.  No house to host at, no loud men to wake the kids, no snacks to clean up after everyone's gone.  Just a nice, peaceful, relaxing weekend!

    Where should we go?

    If everyone in your draft is local, choose someplace that's close to drive, yet can fit your entire league.  Renting a house is a great option, as you can be loud and can spread out during the draft.  I would suggest a location that has other activities for the rest of the weekend, such as restaurants or bars, a golf course, a casino, fishing, hiking, or other outdoor activities.  After all, it's summer, time to enjoy the outdoors before it's too late!

    If the guys and gals in your draft are meeting from around the country, choose a location that's easy to get to from most airports.  Vegas is always a great central location, with lots and lots of activities and many sports to watch and gamble on!  If you’re not into gambling, find a winery with a golf course. Many hotels will have a conference room that can accommodate you.

    For any location, make sure your fantasy commissioner has space to set up your draft board and each player has a comfortable seat and room for their notes and of course, you're going to need to make sure there is wi-fi.  The draft can last many hours, so you gotta make sure everyone is relaxed and comfy for the long haul.

    Will the leagues’ fantasy football trophy be yours this year? Bring your fantasy football trophy to put on display to up the ante and get everyone excited to start fresh with the new season. Don’t forget that it’s easy to send in your plate to get the new winner engraved, even if your trophy isn’t from Trophies2Go.

    Good luck Fantasy Players!  Wishing you an awesome, injury-free season!



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