Host an Ugly Sweater Party!

    Looking to add some fun and hype to your next holiday celebration?  Host an Ugly Sweater Party!

    An example of an ugly sweater to wear to your holiday party. What a babe LOL!!!

    What is an Ugly Sweater Party, you ask?  Well you know that hideous reindeer sweater that Colin Firth's character wore in Bridget Jones Diary?  Yep, that's the perfect example of an Ugly Christmas Sweater, as seen in the movie clip here.

    A few years ago my book club hosted an Ugly Sweater Party for our December meeting, and boy, there were some doozies.  And by doozie, I mean absolutely awful and extremely hilarious.

    Encourage your guests to wear the worst sweater they can find.  Where can you find an ugly sweater?  Here are some suggestions:

    Thrift Store.  Pop some tags at your neighborhood Value Village and then after washing in HOT, spruce up your one-of-a-kind find with lights and bows.

    Amazon.  Check out Amazon's lovely (?) collection of Ugly Sweaters.  These are a little more on the edgy side, PG-13 parties only!  I think my favorite is the Sasquatch in a Bikini.

    Target. Cute, cheap and trendy, Target has a fun collection of darling holiday sweaters.  Not as much ugly as cutsie, in my humble opinion.

    Pinterest. It's my go-to place for clever ideas, including how to make your own Ugly Christmas Sweaters! I found this link to 20 Christmas Sweaters that are not just ugly but wrong (and R-rated).  Might not be appropriate for the office party, but will definitely generate some laughs with non-offended friends and family!

    Relative's Closet.  Got a hoarder in the family? Rummage the back of their closet for a vintage find!!!

    Awards for your Ugly Sweater Party

    You can knit a sweater for an existing trophy, or let us do the work for you with one of our Ugly Sweater Trophies or Awards! You can knit a sweater for an existing trophy, or let us do the work for you with one of our Ugly Sweater Trophies or Awards!

    Fun Tip:  Well you CAN knit a sweater for an existing trophy on your shelf, or you can have us do the work for you!  Check out our Ugly Sweater Awards!

    Ugly Sweater Christmas Trophy - in two stock styles, Ugly Black 90's Sweater or Dancing Reindeer in Ugly Sweaters.

    Ugly Sweater Holiday Metal - in Gold, Silver and Bronze for your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place finishers.

    Full Color Christmas Plaque in a range of sizes and colors, completely customizable to your event!  You can even add a logo for FREE!

    Awards bring hype to any competition, even a silly one such as an Ugly Sweater Party! Learn more about the Brief History of the Ugly Christmas Sweater by Time Magazine here.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, full of laughter and fun, celebrating with those you love!  Happy Holidays!

    Cheers, Jessica

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