How to Get Perpetual Trophy Engraving Done

    Last year you bought an awesome perpetual trophy for your fantasy football league.  Now you need to engrave the 2012 winner before your draft.  How do you get it done in a hassle-free, painless way?  We have the perfect process in place to get your engraving done.  It's fast, simple, and very little effort.

    The 3 Easy Steps To Getting Your Perpetual Engraving Done

    1.  Unscrew the side plate of your trophy.  Make sure to save the 4 small screws; you will need those to reattach the plate after it's engraved.

    2.  Slide the plate into a small padded mailer with engraving instructions, your contact information and payment .  Usually commissioners put the year, winning player's name and team name on the engraving.  Also include a check for $20.  This is for the cost of engraving and postage.

    3.  Drop it in the nearest US mailbox.  That's it!  So simple!

    After we receive the envelope with your plate inside, we will email you an order confirmation and engrave the plate per your instructions.  Then we will mail it back to you.  Be sure to include your address and email with the instructions so we know who to send it to!

    Watch our video to see this process in action:

    Our production time is 3 days, so plan accordingly.  If you need your engraving done sooner, we do have a rush option available for an additional fee.  Just give us a call at 1-877-926-4700.

    Once you get your plate back, take it out of the mailer and screw it back onto your trophy.  That's it!  Now you are ready to enjoy your draft and hype another great NFL season!

    Cheers, Jessica

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