Issaquah Rotary Event Trophies

    On Your Mark...Get Set...GO!!!!

    Challenge Day Race Driver & passenger zoom down 2nd Ave in Issaquah. Picture from Issaquah Reporter.

    On July 14th, 2012, the Rotary Club of Issaquah is hosting the 15th annual Challenge Day Race.  Developmentally disabled youngsters pair up with able-bodied kids to roll down the streets of Issaquah, WA in their very own soap box derby cars!  This inspirational event is full of cheers and smiles, and our President, Jeff Anderson, is happy to be helping with this event.

    Adaptive cycling will also be at the event, allowing people with physical challenges the opportunity to try a bike.

    Please join us on Saturday at 2nd Avenue to cheer on the drivers and riders!  And of course youngsters get Issaquah Rotary Trophies!  For more information, visit the Issaquah Rotary.

    Cheers, Jessica

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