Ready for Fantasy Football Playoffs?

    Fantasy Football Playoffs kick off this week and next, when the best teams in your league battle neck and neck to win the coveted fantasy league trophy!  Even if your team has been less than stellar, your record starts fresh during playoffs and anything is possible. With a lucky couple of weeks, you could end up winning it all!

    For many leagues, the trash talking and hazing is an integral part of the season.  Increase the hype with a trophy for both your winners AND your losers.  And the cash, don't forget the cash baby.

    Top 3 Fantasy Trophies

    Our Replica Fantasy Football Trophy is a best seller, any winner would be proud to display! Our Replica Fantasy Football Trophy is a best seller, any winner would be proud to display!

    Many leagues either go one of two ways, and individual trophy for the winner to keep each season or a perpetual trophy that gets passed around year to year.

    Winners:  The individual winner's trophy is pretty straightforward, you choose one you like and have your league name, year and winner's name engraved on the front.

    League winners:  For a perpetual trophy to hold all of your winners' names in infamy, consider spending a little more up front to invest in the future.  Then each year engrave the winner's name on the side.  This requires a little more effort, as you have to get the trophy back from the winner each year in order to engrave the next name.  For instructions, read my post How to Order a Fantasy Football Trophy.

    Big Losers: this is where it gets fun.  Again, you can do an individual loser trophy, such as a goat, cry baby, or horse's butt, or you can do a perpetual trophy, such as the FFL toilet Perpetual award. Check out our funny selection of fantasy football joke trophies.  I've also seen bumper stickers for losers, sashes, and other humiliation.

    Whatever you do, don't go on a rant when asked about the playoffs:

    Here's to a great season and good luck in post season!  May the best team win!



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