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    When I read photographer (and friend!) Michelle Enebo's fall newsletter, I knew it was perfect to share with you.   I asked Michelle to"guest blog" this week and she kindly agreed!  She has some great, easy tips for capturing your kids sports season in pictures.  Read below for Michelle's 5 ideas to take better sports photos.

    Quick Tips For Better Pix

    Trying to get some fun sports pictures this season?  Here are a few tips for getting better shots.

    1.  Anticipate -  In order to get this shot I had to anticipate Ellie taking HER shot.  It took many pictures before and after just to make sure I got it. (Remember, digital memory is free!)

    Michelle Enebo photo Pictures with the coach capture a great game!

    2.  Tell the Whole Story - Yes, it is important to get images of our kids playing the game, but there is so much more to the whole experience.  Don't forget the friendships, the sidelines and the tunnel!

    3.  The Unusual - If you can capture the weird and wacky got for it.  Is there a strange mascot at the football game?  A cool trail at the cross country meet?  How about a lake threatening to engulf the soccer field?

    4.  Equipment - While it is, indeed fun to use my big camera and long lens (I like my 70-200 for sports), I have also used my iPhone to capture the action too.  You DEFINITELY have to anticipate with the iphone because it isn't as quick.  Just know that.

    This cute picture tells the story of the season!

    5.  Be Creative - One year Kate tried basketball and I just couldn't get any pictures I liked.  The lighting was horrible and we really couldn't get close to the action.  I decided to set up a shot that would represent the whole season and tell it's own story.

    Get Snapping!

    Thank you Michelle for the great ideas!

    Cheers, Jessica

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