STAR 101.5 Weiner Dog Races

    Weiner Dog Races Here's our booth at the Star 101.5 Weiner Dog Races!

    This year we are again sponsoring the STAR 101.5 Weiner Dog Races at Emerald Downs on July 21, 2012.  This fantastic event has something for everyone!  We have been making the trophies for this event for the past 10 years, and it always entertains.

    Here is my top 10 list of why this is one of the best events we do:

    10. There are horses, and they are strong & beautiful. 9. It’s outside, and usually sunny.  If it’s not, there’s cover. 8. You can bet and win money. 7. The trophies for the winners have a flying weiner dog on top. 6. You can meet Kent & Allen in person. 5. There’s lots of good food, including ice cream and fries. Yum 4. Everyone is really happy to be there. 3. Margene made doggie sized medals for the winning weiners.  Super cute. 2. Love the bugle guy.  He’s the best. 1.  The best reason:  The weiner dogs are hilarious!  They run all over the track, sniff each other, and are extremely funny.

    Here’s the link to find out more. Come and see us - we’ll be the ones carrying the trophies!

    Cheers, Jessica

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