Swim Team Trophies

    These swimmers are ready to go! Picture by Dana W.

    It’s that time of year – sunny weather, swim caps, speedos, goggles and sunscreen! A buzzer sounds and SPLASH! the kids are off their blocks and racing through the clear, blue water, the sound of arms slapping and legs kicking.  What is all of this commotion and fun? SWIM TEAM!

    If this is your reality, then your family is BUSY.  Our family belongs to Edgebrook Swim Club in Bellevue, but unfortunately, our girls don’t do swim team.  Bummer.  All my friends growing up were swimmers, and they always had a neat connection with one another...their families grew up together, they were a part of team, and they were all in shape!  Now as an adult who has finished a couple of sprint triathlons, I have a respect and admiration for swimmers and their coaches that I lacked as a kid.  Not to mention divers and water polo players - how do they tread water for that long?  I’m in awe!

    I give kudos to swimmers for all of that hard work and dedication.  We love the fact that most swim teams are a no-cut sport – everyone who wants to swim, can.

    We have tons of swim team trophies, medals and plaques that would make your kiddo feel like an Olympic champ, no matter what level swimmer they are.  Check out our swim trophies; we have tons to choose from.  My favorites are the new Motion Xtreme Swimming Trophies, the Burst Thru Trophies, and Swimming Dog Tags.  We also have 2 swim trophies we're featuring for our 'Awards for a Cause', where a portion of the sales is donated to charity.  They are Gold  Swimming Medallions and  Swimming Star Solid Resin Awards.   You’re sure to find something your swimmer and coach will love!

    Great job keeping in shape, cheering on the team, and having fun!  Here’s to summer!

    Cheers, Jessica

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