Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl

    Turkey Bowl!

    Now that Halloween is all wrapped up, it's time to look forward to the next big holiday...THANKSGIVING!  And when thinking about Thanksgiving, one thinks about’s like Salt and Pepper, Peanut butter and Jelly.  They just go together and you can’t have one without the other in my opinion!

    Football on Thanksgiving can be passive or active.

    Passive:  Gather with your family, be grateful for all of your blessings, eat until your pants won’t button.   Then choose - passive is vegging out on the couch after your turkey, stuffing and mashed potato feast watching the epic NFL football battles on TV.  Let the tryptophan do it’s magic!

    Active:  Actually move your body with a walk or activity.  One tradition is The Turkey Bowl, when family, friends, neighbors or co-workers play a competitive game of football on Thanksgiving Day or over the long Thanksgiving weekend to counteract that delicious gluttonous Thanksgiving meal.

    Turkey Bowl Plans

    Friends Football Friends playing football, the ultimate Thanksgiving tradition!

    So how do you put together a Turkey Bowl game?  Here are some ideas to think about when planning.

    Party:  Most people keep their Turkey Bowl competition low-key, as the whole Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Holiday kick off is party enough for that weekend each year.  But if you decide to create a party a great website to get ideas for invitations, decorations, and themes is Party411.

    Food:  Play BEFORE eating Thanksgiving dinner – the exercise will work up an appetite, earlier in the day means light and warmer temperatures, and your stomach won’t be totally stuffed, making your players sleepy blobs!  However DO be sure to bring plenty of water to keep your “athletes” well hydrated.

    Location: Local schools, a nearby large field, or a neighborhood park all make great locations for your football game.  Make sure to know the boundaries of the “field” so there aren’t arguments later about what’s in bounds and what’s out.

    The Ultimate Turkey Bowl competition, white meat vs. dark meat!

    Annual Turkey Bowl Trophy:  Your turkey bowl trophy can really be anything unique to your family, just add an engraved plate to customize it.  Some great options include:

    -    Turkey trophies – both a traditional turkey and a goofy turkey

    -    Turkey bowl plaques that can be printed in full color

    -    Our exclusive Turkey Bowl Championship Trophy.  One past customer had turkeys printed on the plate of their football trophy, it was super cute!

    If part of your Thanksgiving tradition already includes a turkey bowl, tell us about it in the comment!  Or if you want to start a turkey bowl, give it a try!  And don’t forget the turkey trophy! Happy Thanksgiving, we have so much to be grateful for!

    Cheers, Jessica



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