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    Silver-Accented-Rosewood-Desk-Clock A perfect 1st Anniversary Gift

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!

    It used to be the 1st wedding anniversary gift was paper, the 2nd was cotton, the 3rd was leather, and so on.  Now there is a modernized version of the wedding anniversary gift list.  And I like it!  You get way better stuff earlier in your marriage.  (Oh, and you can give way better stuff too.)  Here are some of the best exchanges as far as I am concerned:

    1st Anniversary. Who needs paper?  How about clocks instead?  We have an amazing assortment of clocks, all sizes and prices.

    3rd Anniversary is crystal rather than leather.  OK a leather jacket would be pretty cool, but I’d also love a crystal vase.   Or even better, a crystal heart with a very special message engraved on it.

    Glass is also an option for the 3rd anniversary.  Have you seen our Art Glass?  These pieces will make a statement in any room of your home or in your office.

    6th Anniversary is Wood.  Traditionally it has been candy or iron.  Really?  Wood is a great substitute.  Check out this Piano Finish Box.  I could put some lovely stuff in there.  Or how about this Elegant Wine Bottle Box. We engrave right on the lid.  The tools are included but you need to pick up your own favorite bottle to put in it.

    For the 7th anniversary, desk sets are in.  For the executive, we have many sets.  But maybe your sweetie doesn’t have an official desk.  Better to get an Engraved Bamboo Pen with an Engraved Bamboo Pen Case as an on-the-go desk set.

    The 25th anniversary is still silver.  Can't go wrong with silver.  Check out one of our Silver Trays or this beautiful Silver Flame Crystal.

    Let us know if you’d like help finding that special wedding anniversary gift for your special someone. We’d love to be a part of celebrating your love.  877-926-4700.

    Happy Anniversary!


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