What Makes an Olympian?

    As I watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi with my family, it inspires me to excel, not just in business but in all aspects of my life.  In 2010, Jeff was fortunate enough to attend the Winter Olympics in Whistler, Canada.  He said that the athleticism and dedication he witnessed was truly awe-inspiring.   It definitely made an impression on him.

    If you are like me, you’ve grown up watching the Olympics and have at one time or another wondered what it would be like to have a coveted gold medal hanging around your neck. To the majority of us, the thought is unfathomable. Yet we all grasp the amount of discipline, perseverance, and just plain hard work that goes into being an Olympian – not only the winners, but all of the participants as well.

    Every Day Olympians

    Only a select few are able to compete at the Olympics – the best of the best.  What about everybody else?  I believe that each person has strengths in life.  Through recognizing what those strengths are, followed by training and practice, that strength can be honed into making each person be the best they can be.  When a person is doing their best, trying their hardest, stretching themselves, they grow.  Add goal setting, determination, and focus, and you have what it takes to make an “every day” Olympic champion, regardless of the situation.  This focus, dedication, and accomplishment is what our business celebrates and we are proud to create mementos to capture that achievement.  Every day Olympians in action, getting the recognition they deserve!

     What Will You Take Away From 2014 Sochi?

    Olympic Champions! Olympic Champions!

    As you watch the games, find inspiration in the perseverance of the athletes.

    For you -  How can you strive to hone your strengths?  Are there new goals you can set for yourself?   Use the momentum of the athletes to help yourself grow.

    For others - Is there someone in your life who takes their game to the next level?  Look in your work, family, friends and acquaintances.  Do they deserve some special recognition?  If yes, then let them know you notice, even a note or email can make an impression.  For example, last week Jeff & I received an email from our daughter's teacher praising her efforts in class.  He said she managed to  stay to focused, have a good work ethic, and help her classmates even though that particular class is usually disruptive.  It meant a lot to Jeff and I that he wrote to us, and it was very meaningful to our daughter too.  This positive reinforcement will keep her motivated to do her best in his class.  When you give recognition, it benefits both the giver and the receiver.

    I hope you enjoy watching the Olympic Games as much as I do.  It's fun to hear the stories of the athletes and root them on to victory!  Go Team USA!

    Cheers, Jessica

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