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    Yes, it's a little confusing.  We have two brands, out of the same location.  So how are these companies the same, and how are they different?  What makes them unique?  And why should I care?  I hope to answer these questions below.

    Our pick up boxes Confused yet? All of our pick up orders have both Issaquah Trophy & Awards and Trophies2Go logos on the box.

    Issaquah Trophy was founded in 1987 in the garage of Bonnie Kosko, my mother-in-law.  Why is this important?  Because the company began locally and has stayed that way ever since.  Our community-centric Awards Design Center has been serving the award needs for the greater Issaquah and Eastside communities for over 25 years.  And we plan to be here for another 25+ into the future.  We care about this community and can't think of a better place to live, work, and raise our children.

    Issaquah Trophy grew and grew.  Then the dot-com craze happened, and Trophies2Go was started in the midst of this mayhem in May 2000.  Since most people throughout the US and Canada have no clue where Issaquah is (or how to say the name), Jeff, our president, chose Trophies2Go as a catchy alternative.  The name 'Trophies2Go' suggests our fast turn-around time, great customer service, and delivery guarantee.  Over the next 12 years, this brand morphed into our national brand, serving all of the US and Canada.  Through the Internet, we've been able to fulfill over 100K orders of meaningful recognition worldwide.

    So, in a nutshell, Issaquah Trophy is our local community store; Trophies2Go is our national Internet web store.  How are they the same?

    We carry many of the same high-quality products at both locations.  All of our personalized engraving is done by either Paul (our rotary engraver) or Jeremy (our laser engraver) out of our Awards Workshop in Renton, WA.  All of our customer service phone calls, emails, and order processing happen in Issaquah, WA by either Margene, Janice, Mika or Anne.  You will receive the same outstanding service regardless of which company you work with.  Also, we have a production time guarantee at both companies - we will have your awards done in time for your event, guaranteed, whether we ship your awards to you or you walk into our Awards Design Center door to pick them up.

    No matter which brand you work with, you will get personalized service from caring, professional awards specialists.  Whether it is a corporate crystal award or a t-ball trophy, each award is given special care and attention to make sure it's flawless when you give it to your deserving recipient!

    Cheers, Jessica

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