Best Joke Trophies - as picked by our staff!

    At our holiday party last month, our T2G staff picked their favorite joke trophies that we make.  They see many funny trophies come through our warehouse, but these joke awards are the best of the best!

    Golden Throne Chili Resin Trophy Paul's pick - "We wish you hadn't entered the chili cook-off" toilet

    Category #1:  TOILETS

    Janice chose the All-Purpose Toilet Trophy

    Jonas & Laurie both chose the Middle Finger Toilet Trophy

    Paul chose the one award you definitely don't want to get, it's the "BAD CHILI - We wish you hadn't entered the chili cook-off" Chili Loser Toilet

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    Category #2: ANIMALS

    Mika picked The Honeybadger Trophy

    Jess (me) chose our cute goat trophy - Greatest Of All Time!

    Tom chose the Horses Bobble Butt Joke Trophy.  He was very specific though, its for a birthday, with a candle in the horse's butt.

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    Happy Horse Bobble Butt Tom's pick - with a candle in the butt!

    Category #3:  OTHER

    Jim picked  the BOMB trophy!

    Lori likes the Ugly Sweater Christmas Medals

    And Mike chose the regal King and Queen Trophies, he said they are great for divas at the office and in your Fantasy Football League.

    Our BEST funny joke trophies for any occasion!  Get laughs at your next event or gag someone special with one of our awesome engraved funny awards!



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